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Hypotheses are intended to be reasonable guesses concerning the cause or nature of some phenomenon.

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Q: What are the hypotheses formulated?
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What is the singular form of hypotheses?

hypotheses (you had it right)

Plural of hypothesis?

Singular: hypothesis Plural: hypotheses

What does hypotheses means in science?

A hypotheses in science means it is an educated guess.

How do you use hypotheses in a sentence?

Hypotheses is the plural of hypothesis. The scientist wrote down her hypotheses before starting her experiment.

What is plural of hypotheses?

Hypotheses is the plural. The singular form is hypothesis.

What are the two types of hypothesis?

null hypotheses and alternative hypotheses

What is the plural of hypotheses?

Hypotheses is the plural. The singular form is hypothesis.

Are original hypotheses formed after an experiment?

No, origianl hypotheses usually before the experiment that is the reason people do the experient which is test their hypotheses

When was Prove My Hypotheses created?

Prove My Hypotheses was created in 1999-09.

Is hypotheses a plural or singular term?

'Hypotheses' is plural; the singular would be 'hypothesis'.

What is scientific hypotheses?

A hypotheses is a possible answer to a scientific question or explanation for a set of observations.

What are the advantage in following the steps in scientific method?

the electric lights in the classroom were not functioning. So Mario, a first year student,tried to find out why they would not light. He observed the bulb, the wiring connections, the outlet, the plug, starter and the ballast. He formulated several hypotheses as to why the bulbs would not light. Later these were tested to find out which of the hypotheses is correct. Then he was able to find out that the bulbs would not light because of faulty wiring connection.