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Q: What are the implications of algernon biting charlie?
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What is the difference between Charlie and Algernon?

charlie is a mouse and algernon is a human No! Algernon is the mouse. Charlie Gordon is the human and narrator of the story.

What is charlies relationship with Algernon?

Charlie considered Algernon a friend, but the fate of Algernon would also determine the fate of Charlie.

What did charlie put in the box when Algernon die?

Charlie put his mother's locket in with Algernon.

What did Charlie and Algernon do in Chicago in flowers for algernon?

To test on the maze

How do charlie and Algernon compete in the story flowers for Algernon?

They run mazes.

Who is the protagonist in the story flowers for algernon?

Charlie Gordon

What is the relevance of the title flowers for Algernon?

It is written from the perspective of Charlie in first person

Who was algernon in flowers from algernon?

Algernon was a mouse they did an operation on, just like Charlie had an operation. They had the dame operation.

What is an example of verbal irony in flowers for algernon?

As Algernon and Charlie undergo the same operation and the same testing, Algernon's developments are good predictors of Charlie's near future. When Algernon begins to lose his intelligence, it is a chilling indication that Charlie's own mental gains will be short-lived. Algernon also symbolizes Charlie's status as a subject of the scientists: locked in a cage and forced to run through mazes at the scientists' whim, Algernon is allowed no dignity and no individuality. Charlie's freeing of Algernon from his cage and simultaneous decision to abandon the laboratory makes Algernon's physical liberation a symbol of, and a precursor to, his own emotional independence.

Why does the story named flower for algernon?

because that Algernon took the same operation as charlie so whatever happen to Algernon it will happen to charlieThe story is named Flowers For Algernon, because at the end the mouse, Algernon, dies and Charlie puts flowers on Algernon's grave.

Was Algernon from flowers of Algernon a shrew?

no he is a white smart mouse that beats charlie at races

Is Joe a true friend to Charlie in Flowers for Algernon?

no he tricks charlie