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many signs and symptoms of serious head injuries are : confusion, vomiting, seizures, memory loss, headaches that worsen daily, behavioral changes, sleepiness, slurred speech, dialation of the pupils, sensitivity to light, numbness, and dizziness.

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Q: What are the indications of serious head injuries?
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What are the most serious injuries?

Some serious injuries are a boken spine, bad head injuries, and bad internal injuries.

What is the prognosis for serious head injury?

Serious head injuries can be devastating, producing permanent mental and physical disability.

Difference between major and minor injuries?

Major injuries are serious injuries such as a broken bone or a serious head injury. Minor injuries are one that are not big in nature, such as a bruise or small cut.

Why are head injuries that damage cerebral blood vessels serious?

it depends what kind of head ure talking about

How does a helmet protect your head?

A helmet protects your head when you fall, for example: If you fall off of your bike onto your head it can cause stitches or a serious head injury like TBI. If you wear your helmet, your head will be protected against serious injuries.

How common are serious head injuries?

each year about two million people suffer from a more serious head injury, and up to 750,000 of them are severe enough to require hospitalization.

Indications and contra indications in the use of mannitol in head injury?

interacrainial haemorrhage

What are some symptoms and criteria for a head injury?

There are many symptoms and criteria for a head injury. You can get some serious damage to the brain. Brain injuries are the most common injury to the head.

Why do you need a boxing helmet?

To protect your head from a concussion or other serious injuries invoked by the hard punches of the opponent.

What is johnny's reaction to his serious injuries?

Johnny's reaction to his serious injuries was that he didn't care about himself he care about the greasers.

When was Head Injuries created?

Head Injuries was created in 1979-07.

How can the ear drum get damaged?

Sometimes, if you force air into them hard enough, they can pop leaving you deaf or with serious head injuries

How do you heal cut to forehead?

For minor injuries, a bit of water should do the trick. If the injury is slightly more serious, you may need to consider seeing your doctor or someone who can treat it to ensure you have no serious injuries to the head. It is also important to stem the blood flow if necessary.

Where does one go with serious injuries?

With a serious injury the best place to go would be an emergency room. Emergency rooms have the best treatment options available for serious injuries.

Who discovered head injuries?

Head injuries has know specific founder ( trust me I have searched for hours)

Where can one learn more about head injuries?

The topic of head injuries has enormous scope, it can include a simple bump to the head or a serious internal brain injury. For someone with little medical knowledge it would be informative to take a first aid course with St John's Ambulance, this would give you a broad overview of different types of head injuries.Headway is an organization that helps those that have suffered serious brain injury as a result of a head injury. They provide plenty of information and support to the individual, their friends and family.

Dangers of basketball?

pulling a hamstring, knee injuries ankles injuries head injuries

What can cause head injuries?

A hit to the head

Can you die on FIFA 09?

No but you can get serious injuries

Did Taylor Swift have any serious injuries?

No not that I know of sorry don't know much about her injuries .

What Lisa Lefteye Lopes Injuries from the car accident?

Head injuries

What are the injuries we can get from not wearing a bicycle helmet?

Head injuries, concussions etc.

What are the injuries caused by a great white?

serious bites

What type of injuries can you get from a slapshot?

Since many players can shoot the puck at 100 MPH or more, serious injuries can result. Besides the obvious bruises, a slapshot has often caused broken toes/feet, leg injuries, arm injuries, etc. However, the most frightening is when a player gets hit in the face/head area. Severely broken facial bones, eye injuries, concussions etc, have occurred.Although it has never happened, a severe head injury caused by a flying puck can result in death.

Most common NFL injury?

There are five injuries that are extremely common in the NFL. These are injuries to the knee, shoulder, leg, ankle, and head. Head injuries frequently include concussions.