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predominantly synthetic canabinnoids such as am2200, jw018, hun 250 and a myriad od awesome poisons w highly addictive qualities. trust me

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Q: What are the ingredients in bizarro herbal incense?
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Does the Bizarro incense show up in a military drug test?

They can test specifically for the ingredients in Bizarro.

What is in herbal incence?

Herbal incense is a generic name for products containing synthetic cannabinoids. This is high quality potpourri incense in the market today. Herbal incense manufacture with only the finest herbs and ingredients. It is called herbal incense to bypass laws prohibiting the advertising of smoking herbal incense ingredients and mixtures that have not been approved by the relevant authorities.

What is herbal incense?

An incease which is herbal.

Is it legal to ship herbal incense to states that have made herbal incense illegal?


Where can you buy herbal incense and potpourri online?

There are many places to buy herbal incense and potpourri online. Some of these sites are: and may also have herbal incense and potpourri.

How do you pass a saliva herbal incense test?

A Saliva test wont show herbal incense

Does herbal incense have THC in it?


Is mdma and herbal incense bad to combine?

ummm herbal incense u dont smoke those buddy

Which jwh or ingredients were not banned against Herbal Incense in the Louisiana House Bill 173?

none of theme where. the ban did not go through.

Is there THC in puff herbal incense?


Does kush herbal incense have THC?


Does bizarro incense show up on drug test?

No Bizarro does not show up on a drug test. I have been tested fine and passed both times.

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