What are the ingredients of Felix cat food?

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The ingredients in Felix & Oscar cat food varies depending on the brand. Felix and Oscar sells EVO, K9 Naturals, Lotus, and Wellness.

Who developed the cartoon Felix the Cat?

Felix's origins remain disputed. Australian cartoonist and film entrepreneur Pat Sullivan and American animator Otto Messmer said that they created Felix. Some historians argue that Messmer ghosted for Sullivan. What is certain is that Felix emerged from Sullivan's studio, and cartoons featuring the ( Full Answer )

What foods have the ingredient whey in?

Whey is used to produce ricotta and other cheeses and many other products for human consumption. It is also an additive in many processed foods, including breads, crackers and commercial pastry, and an animal feed.

What are the ingredients of food coloring?

Corn Syrup, sugar, water, food starch-modified, yellow 5, red 3, yellow 6, carrageenan, sodium benzoate (preservative), citric acid, blue 1. All of the artificial food colors such as FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Yellow 6, FD&C Red 40, etc, that are used to make the commonly known food colorings found on gr ( Full Answer )

Ingredients in frontline for cats?

Fipronil is the medicinal ingredient in regular Frontline. For Frontline Plus, it's a combination of Fipronil and S-methoprene.. For Frontline Plus, there is 9.8% of Fipronil and 11.8% of S-methoprene. The remaining 78.4% of ingredients in the Plus formula are inert.. This information was obtained ( Full Answer )

What breed is a black and white Felix cat?

The black and white pattern on Felix that you are referring to is usually termed "tuxedo", and Im guessing that he was just your everyday domestic short-haired cat

What are the ingredients in blue food coloring?

poop and tea that has a tint of blueberry in it, along with a teaspoon of butterfly vomit, and a strand of Justin Beiber's hair. Mix all and heat at 550 degrees while shaking vigorously. Allow to cool for ten minutes.

What ingredients are in cat litter?

Depends on the litter. Most "clumping" clay cat litters contain mostly bentonite clay with some fragrances, dyes or additives. Most "non clumping" cat litter is made from different types of clay such as zeolite, diatomite and sepiolite. There are also natural litters on the market made from corn, ( Full Answer )

What ingredients are in cat nip?

there is lots of products in cat nip but cat nip is mostly like an energy drink for cats but what is in cat nip is a herb/plant that has an effect on cats that make them go nuts!

What ingredients are in cat food?

It depends on the quality. A good quality canned food will have a high meat content and with no cereals or grains (cheap filler that cat's cannot digest). Some brands will include rice and vegetables. While cats, being strict carnivores, don't really need these, such ingredients are far better th ( Full Answer )

Why did Felix the cat go in space?

Felix the cat is not, at least normally a science-fiction cartoon. I don"t recall him in any astro-cat situation. Felix is one of the oldest animated cartoons ( one of two that antedate Disney, the other being Bugs Bunny of l927 vintage) Mickey Mouse did not come out ( under a different name- Steamb ( Full Answer )

What are the healthiest ingredients in dog food?

One that has meat listed first,eggs,ground rice,cracked pearled barley,millet,chicken fat,potato proteins,potatoes,oatmeal,tomato pomace,natural flavor,flaxseed,salmon oil,omega-6 fattyacids,omege-3 fatty acids and DHA.

Ingredients in most Italian foods?

You will find that 90% of Italian food involves garlic and parmesan cheese. Basil, Oregano ect. are very common. Pasta is used a lot, so is tomato. A lot of Italian cooking also incorporates wine.

How old is Felix the Cat?

somewere about 100 to odd the first cartoon came out in the silent film era 1919

Where did Felix the cats name come from?

"Otto Messmer gave two different versions of how Felix got his name, the one on his official site "Rejoining Sullivan with a great idea for a new character named Felix the Cat, [3] and the second that "Mr. (John) King of Paramount Magazine suggested the name "Felix", after the Latin words felis ( ( Full Answer )

What ingredients are in canned cat food?

It depends on the quality. A good quality canned food will have a high meat content and with no cereals or grains (cheap filler that cat's cannot digest). Some brands will include rice and vegetables. While cats, being strict carnivores, don't really need these, such ingredients are far better th ( Full Answer )

Who owns the Felix the cat trademark?

Felix's origins remain disputed. Australian cartoonist/film entrepreneur Pat Sullivan, owner of the Felix character, claimed during his lifetime to be its creator as well. American animator Otto Messmer, Sullivan's lead animator, has more commonly been assigned credit in recent decades. Some histori ( Full Answer )

What ingredients should you get rid of in your food?

Many health experts advise to eat less processed sugars and carbohydrates, for example, donuts, cake, cookies, and macaroni (carbs). They also recommend eating less polysaturated fatty foods, such as those fried in grease like those made in fast food resturants. Experts advise to be educated about w ( Full Answer )

Who is Felix the Cat?

The origin of Felix the Cat has been a matter of dispute . Either Otto Messmer or Pat Sullivan created the character . What is not disputed is the fact that Felix the Cat was a product of Sullivan's studio .

What year was Felix the cat released?

Felix the Cat made his first appearance in the cartoon short entitled "Feline Follies" in 1919 . His first film , "Felix the Cat: The Movie" had a release date of 1991 .

Is Felix a good cat food?

Felix use very low quality, cheap ingredients in their food. The food includes sugars and colourant that will not benefit to the health of a cat or kitten, and has a very low meat content. Big "cheap" store brands like Whiskas and Felix only have "Meat Derivatives (min 4%)" as the first ingredien ( Full Answer )

Is chicken a healthy ingredient or food?

It depends on if you add it with a veggie also it depends how you cook it. so if you deep fry it then no but if you oven cook it with slight oil then yes

What is the main ingredient in food coloring?

Per McCormick.com, the ingredients in their yellow food coloring are as follows: WATER, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, FD&C YELLOW 5, 0.1% PROPYLPARABEN (PRESERVATIVE), AND FD&C RED 40 Per the FDA, ingredients are listed in order of predominance, therefore, in this example, water would be the main ingred ( Full Answer )

How can ingredients affect the food?

Ingredients can affect the food in more ways then just taste. Adding too much flour to a simple cookie recipe can cause it to be dry and hard, where as adding too much eggs can cause the cookies to become chewy and hard to form. Other things can also be affected, they can affect the texture, size ( Full Answer )


yeah like apples An ingredient can be anything in a prepared item's contents. Not all are food items, for example, preservatives, thickening agents, colorings, etc. are all "ingredients" in food that are not actually food. Non food items like toothpaste etc. also have ingredients, the bulk of whic ( Full Answer )


That's almost rhetorical, you make food from ingredients but can also make ingredients from food. The simple answer is yes.

Which NHL goaltender is called Felix the cat?

Félix Potvin - played in NHL from 1991-92 to 2003-04 for Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders, Vancouver Canucks, Los Angeles Kings, and Boston Bruins.

What ingredients are in the food Pad Thai?

egg, fish sauce, garlic, ground dried chili pepper, lime, tamarind paste, rice stick noodles are essential. shrimp, bean sprouts, Chinese chives, and peanuts are optional .

Were Felix the Cat cartoons silent?

Felix the Cat is a cartoon character created in the silent film era and so the first ones were , of course without sound , and the later ones were accompanied with a sound track .

What are the ingredients in 9 lives cat food?

The ingredients differ slightly, depending on the type and flavour of the food. However, here are some examples from the "basic" foods for this brand. Ingredients for the "Daily" dry food: Whole ground corn, poultry by-product meal, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, whole wheat, meat & bone meal, ( Full Answer )

What are some ingredients of indigenious foods?

WIKIPEDIA DEFINES INDIGENIOUS AS Indigenous means: belonging to a certain place. Therefore, any food could be considered indigenious in the part of the world in which they originated.

When was Felix the cat famous?

There was a cartoon starring Felix in the 1950's. This period was the height of his popularity.

What are the ingredients of Victor dog food?

Victor dog food is made with all natural ingredients. There are no corn, soy, wheat or other glutens present in Victor dog food. There is animal protein such as beef, chicken and pork along with essential vitamins and minerals for a dog to be healthy.

Who created the cartoon character Felix the Cat?

The character Felix the Cat was created by Pat Sullivan. Felix the Cat was created in 1959 by Felix the Cat Productions. The show ran on for five seasons, Jack Mercer was the voice behind the character Felix.

What are the origins of Felix the Cat?

Felix the Cat is an animated character that first appeared in 1919. His origins are in the Sullivan studio. Who actually created him is a disputed issue: Pat Sullivan, the owner of the studio, claimed to have created the character. Otto Messmer, an animator who worked on Felix, has also been credit ( Full Answer )

What are some of the ingredients in I ams cat food?

IAMS cat food has many healthy ingredients including corn derivatives, chicken, whole grains, egg products, , dried carrots, dried peas, A vitamins, B vitamins, D vitamins, E vitamins and so many more minerals and additives to give your cat a healthy life!

Does Felix The Cat Have A Girlfriend For Real?

No, He Doesn't Have Any Girlfriend Because Kitty Cat Is Not ReallyA Fictional Character, She Doesn't Appear In Any Episode, So KittyCat Is Just A Friend Of Felix. Everybody Just Thinks That She IsFelix' Girlfriend.

What is the purpose of measuring food ingredients?

Measuring ingredients is a practice that pastry chefs use because the art of Pattiserie, is an exact science, for which demands precise measurements and weights by accurate scales, pastry utensils and gadgetry that ensures such exact work. When cooking savory food whether it's sauteed, fried, boile ( Full Answer )

What are the ingredients in junk food?

Junk foods differ in their ingredients, but one thing junk foodshave in common is that they offer little or no nutritional value.Many contain a lot of sugar.

What are the ingredients to Felix felicis?

Felix felicis, also known as liquid luck, was introduced in HarryPotter and the Half-Blood Prince. The known ingredients are: Ashwinder egg Squill bulb Murtlap tentacle Tincture of thyme Occamy eggshell Powdered common rue

What are the ingredients in Sheba wet cat food?

The list of ingredients is on each package of cat food and willvary by flavor or product. Since Sheba seems to have at least 25different SKUs of wet cat foods, the ingredients of each will notbe listed here. You can either go to a pet food store to examine the labels or youcan visit the Sheba websi ( Full Answer )