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It is a sandwich with toasted bread, sliced poultry (turkey or chicken), bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

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Q: What are the ingridients of a club sandwich?
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Should a club sandwich be served hot or cold?

A club sandwich is not a cooked or heated sandwich

When was Billy Club Sandwich created?

Billy Club Sandwich was created in 1991.

Is a club sandwich cold or hot sandwich?

A club sandwich is a cold sandwich with two layers of fillings between 3 slices of bread.

What is a golfer's favorite sandwich?

a golfer's favorite sandwich is a CLUB SANDWICH!

When was Club Sandwich at the Peveril Hotel created?

Club Sandwich at the Peveril Hotel was created in 2005.

What is a golfers favorite sandwich?

A club.

Why is a club sandwich called a club sandwich?

I wonder as well. Go to this link it might have your answer.

Why do you think these ingridients are important?

why do you think these ingridients are important

What ingredient makes a sandwich a club?


What is the degree of a sandwich golf club?


What is a type of club?

Golf club Country Club Night Club Billy Club Gentleman's Club Book Club Club Sandwich

What is a sarcastic name for a club as in seal getter or wife beater?

Club Sandwich or Club Foot

What are popular sandwich fillings?

Their are many popular sandwich fillings. Some of the best one are hot chip butty, steak sandwich, rosemary lamb sandwich, club sandwich, BLT sandwich,toasted chicken and mushroom sandwich.

What is the name of a sandwich that is also something to drink?

A club.

How is a club sandwich stored?

Any sandwich should be stored in an airtight container or plastic baggie in the refrigerator.

What is the definition for a decker sandwich?

A double decker sandwich is a sandwich that is usually made using at least three slices of bread and usually has two layers of filling. An example is the club sandwich.

Which of these ingredients is not traditionally used to make a club sandwich?


How much does a chicken club sandwich from mcdonalds cost?


Why is a club sandwich considered cold sandwich?

Because all the items in a BLT are not warm items. therefore, they are cold

What is a good fast food chicken sandwich?

chickfila the original sandwich or spicy sandwich both of them have lettuce tomatoe and cucumber or go to 59 diner ( not a fast food place) you can get the club sandwich

How many calories in a turkey club sandwich with french fries?


How do you spell ingridients?


What are the ingridients of a cake?

a lot

How did the club sandwich get its name?

There are a couple different theories on this. My personal favorite is that “club” stands for “Chicken and Lettuce Under Bacon,” which is fun but not all that plausible—a club doesn’t have to have chicken, after all, and the earliest recipes didn't follow that order or make any references to an acronym.A better theory is that the first club sandwich was cobbled together at the Union Club or the Saratoga Club House in the late 1800s. Both places claim that coveted “first club sandwich” title, and, of course, both have “club” in their name. Either way, the sandwich’s broad popularity at country clubs around the turn of the 20th century could also account for its name.

What are some great ideas to use as a side dish with a Club House sandwich?

One of the most common side dishes that is thought to go well with a Club House sandwich is either coleslaw or potato salad. They do a good job of complementing the sandwich and its toasted bread.