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Examples: thermometer, pluviometer, wind vane, anemometer, solarimeter, manometer etc.

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Q: What are the instruments used to measure climate?
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What are theodolites used to measure?

They are surveying instruments used to measure angles.

What are the instruments used to measure conditions in the upper atmosphere?

The instruments used to measure the conditions of the upper atmosphere is a Radiosonde, Radar, Weather Satellites, and Computers.

Instruments used to measure air pressure are called?


What instruments are used to find length?

A ruler, a yard stick, and a tape measure can each be used to measure length. There are other instruments, but these are probably the most common.

What instrument is used to measure the length of a room?

there are many instruments used to measure length . measuring tape is used to measure the length of room.

What are the basic weather parameters and the instruments used?

The basic weather parameters and instruments used consist of a barometer to measure air pressure and a wind vane to measure the speed of the wind. Other instruments used include a thermometer and rain gauge.

What are the test instruments used in electronics?

Some test instruments used in electronics are:Multimeter - Used to measure voltage, ampere and resistanceOscilloscope - Used to measure frequency and oscillations

How do meteorologists used technology to measure and record floods?

They use measure instruments

Is a thermometer used to measure air temperature?

Yes, "thermometers" are instruments used to measure the temperature of things.

What instruments are used to measure the atmospheric pressure?

The instrument that is used to measure atmospheric pressure would be a Barometer.

What are the instruments used to measure temperature of cells?


Which instruments used to measure oil?

spring balance

What instruments were first used to measure weight?


What instruments are used to measure them?

We don't needed to measure it with any instruments we just needed to take care of our health by eating nutritious food.

What do you use to measure weather?

There are many instruments that meteorologists use to measure weather. The two most commonly used instruments are a barometer and a thermometer.

Pictures of instruments used to measure weather?

There are pictures of instruments that measure weather on the internet. Some of these are thermometers and barometers as well as wind vanes.

What is the instruments used for measuring length?

There are many instruments: a ruler, a tape measure, a range finder.

What instrument is used to measure sun's altitude?

what are all the instruments use to measure altitude

Instruments used to measure length or distance?

The instruments that are used is a metric ruler, meter-stick, centimeter ruler, and inch ruler, yardstick, tape measure, compass, spotting scope, laser measure, sonar, radar.

What are the functions of laboratory instruments?

in the laboratory you have different instruments. You have instruments to weight the compounds used in the lab. You also have the instruments to measure the compounds in the laboratory and the instruments for heating and mixing the compounds.

What instruments measure width of a book?

A ruler or tape measure would commonly be used to measure the width of a book.

What other instruments are used to measure wind direction?

Two instruments are more important: windsocks and windvanes.

What r clocks?

They are (not "r") instruments used to measure time.

What do the instruments used by seismologists measure?

The magnitude of tremors in the Earth

What instruments is used to measure the magnetic field?

Guass Meter.