What are the key characteristics of OSPF?

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OSPF has the following features:

Fast Convergence OSPF can detect and propagate topology changes faster than RIP. Count-to-infinity does not occur with OSPF.

Loop-Free Routes OSPF-calculated routes are always loop-free.

Scalability With OSPF, an AS can be subdivided into contiguous groups of networks called areas. Routes within areas can be summarized to minimize route table entries. Areas can be configured with a default route summarizing all routes outside the AS or outside the area. As a result, OSPF can scale to large and very large internetworks. In contrast, RIP for IP internetworks cannot be subdivided and no route summarization is done beyond the summarizing for all subnets of a network ID.

Subnet Mask Advertised with the Network OSPF was designed to advertise the subnet mask with the network. OSPF supports variable-length subnet masks (VLSM), disjointed subnets, and supernetting.

Support for Authentication Information exchanges between OSPF routes can be authenticated.

Support for External Routes Routes outside of the OSPF AS are advertised within the AS so that OSPF routers can calculate the least cost route to external networks.
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Can you explain to you the OSPF?

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a type ofrouting protocol known as an interior gateway protocol or aninterior routing protocol. The routers in an internet areresponsible for receiving and forwarding packets through theinterconnected set of networks. Each router makes routing decisionsbased on kno ( Full Answer )

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OSPF, or Open Shortest Path First Protocol is an industry standard link state routing protocol used to determine best paths across an IP v4 computer network. OSPF v3 is currently completing development and will provide best path information through IPV6 networks. Link State routing protocols rely on ( Full Answer )

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What is OSPF adjacencies?

OSPF is a link-state routing protocol that helps Routers exchange IP routes. OSPF Adjacencies is the established "neighborship" between two OSPF routers in order to make the exchange of routes. In this case, Adjacency means the same as "peering", that the OSPF speakers (routers) are able to "talk" ( Full Answer )

How you configure both eigrp and ospf to transfer a packet eigrp to ospf and ospf to eigrp?

we would need to redistribute ospf routes into eigrp and vice versa. redistribution will have to be done on an ASBR(autonomus system boundry router) eg: we have an ospf process wid process id 10 running and eigrp with ASN 20 running in our network redistribution on ASBR would be conf t router ospf 1 ( Full Answer )

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What is ospf throttle?

OSPF LSA throttling helps the dampening of LSA updates in OSPF during times of network instability.

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The first is that the protocol is open, which means that its specification is in the public domain. The OSPF specification is published as Request For Comments (RFC) 1247. The second principal characteristic is that OSPF is based on the SPF algorithm, which sometimes is referred to as the Dijkstra a ( Full Answer )

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