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there are many kinds of ecosystem like MAN-MADE ECOSYSTEM, NATURAL ECOSYSTEM, MICROSYSTEM and etc.

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What are the two kinds of ecosystem?

differentiate the two kinds of an ecosystem

Kinds of ecosystem?

The kinds of ecosystem are: 1. man- made ecosystem 2. natural ecosystem 3. microsystem

Two kinds of ecosystem?

the two kinds of ecosystem is the natural ecosystem and the man-made ecosystems ^_^

What are the 2 kinds of ecosystem?

The two kinds of ecosystem is the-natural-man-made

What king of ecosystem?

What are tahe kinds of ecosystem

What are the two kind of ecological system?

Answerthe 2 kinds of ecosystem are the:>terrestrial ecosystem-ecosystem found anywhere on earth that are not covered by water.kinds of terrestrial ecosystem:>tundra>taiga>temperate deciduous forest>grassland>aquatic ecosystem-is an ecosystem located in bodies of water.kinds of aquatic ecosystem:>marine>freshwater

4 different kinds of ecosystem?

The Ecosystem is Question Mark BY:Michael Elquiero

What is a biotic factor that affects the size of a population in a specific ecosystem?

The number and kinds of predators in the ecosystem.

What is the relationship between an ecosystem and a biome?

The ecosystem of a region IS the biome. A biome is collections of different kinds of ecosystem. Hopes this help :D

An ecosystem that has many different kinds of organisms shows?

An ecosystem that has many different kinds of organisms shows efficient biodiversity. Terrestrial biodiversity tends to be highest at the equator.

What ecosystem is less diverse?

It depends on how many species are in the ecosystem. if there is more species (kinds) then it is more diverese

How are ecosystem kept balanced?

The balance of an ecosystem means that the kinds and the number of organisms are maintained consistently. The kinds and the number of organisms, which compose the ecosystem, are controlled through the relation of eating and being eaten. Even though the balance of an ecosystem is temporarily broken, it is recovered by the force of restitution of the ecosystem.v

What is all the ecosystem on earth along with the organisms in them?

the earth has a kinds

What is a gradual change in the kinds of organisms living in an ecosystem?


What are two kinds of disturbances that change ecosystem?

carbon and climate

What are two kinds of disturbances that change and ecosystem?

Carbon & Climate

What is an ecosystem that has many different kinds of organisms shows?


What are the different kinds of ecosystem?

Natural Ecosystem - An ecosystem made naturally and occured naturally, with no influence by man. (e.g. Forest , Backyard) Man-made Ecosystem - an ecosystem with the influence of man, this is usually controlled. (e.g. fishpond, zoo)

What are the 9 kinds of ecosystem?

9 kinds of ecosystem are marine, forest.... Ewan di ko na alam . Yan palang yung pinapahanap ni Ma'am XDDD ~

What is the name for all of the different kinds of organisms in an ecosystem?

autotroph is a type of organism in an ecosystem, but what is the name to categorize all organisms.

How are the sizes of animal populations determined by the kinds and numbers in an ecosystem?


The sizes of animal populations are determined by the kinds and numbers of what in an ecosystem?


What kinds of animals live in the forest ecosystem?

depends what kind of forest

The kinds of organisms in the ecosystem?

this question doesnt make sense ,there are millions of a-biotic and biotic organisms living in the ecosystem ,if you mean "what are the stages of an ecosystem?" i can help youits goes likeorganismcommuintypopulationbiomeecosystemand so on

What are the two kinds of ecosystems?

NATURAL ECOSYSTEM: an ecosystem made naturally & occurred naturally with no influence by man ( ex. forest, backyard) MAN-MADE ECOSYSTEM: an ecosystem with the influence of man, this is usually controlled ( ex. fishpond, zoo)