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Elephants and whales are the larger mammals.

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Q: What are the larger mammals?
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What mammal is larger than a blue whale?

There are no living mammals larger than the blue whale. Earlier prehistoric mammals were much smaller.

What is a gerbil's enemies?

Birds and larger mammals.

What is a mammals gestation period?

The gestational period for a mammal varies. Smaller mammals tend to have a shorter gestational period than larger mammals.

Do larger or smaller mammals have faster heart rates?


What are the predators of a leopard shark?

Larger sharks than it and marine mammals.

How many young mammals does it produces at one time?

All mammals produce different numbers of young. Generally, the larger mammals have less young per litter.

What animals prey on squirrels?

Larger mammals like foxes, coyotes & the like.

Function of the petal?

The function of a petal is to attract mammals and insects to the plant for pollination. The larger the petals, the larger distance that it will attract a pollinator

Are dolphins baleen or toothed mammals?

They are toothed mammals and eat larger foods like fish, as opposed to eating krill like the baleen whales.

Why are many of the tundra mammals larger than the mammals in the tropics?

They need more heat for there bodies if they were smaller they wouldn't be able to make as much heat

What happened after the dinosaurs extinct?

After they became extinct, there came the Cenozoic Era or Age of the Mammals in which mammals flourished and new ecosystems were created. The climate was warm and soon small mammals evolved into larger ones.

How do snakes get energy?

Snakes get energy through their diet by eating other animals, like mice and small mammals. A large snake will eat larger mammals.

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