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nothing follows. . .

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Q: What are the laws governing series circuit?
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What are the laws governing the series circuits?

-- The sum of the individual voltage drops across each component in a series circuitis zero.-- The magnitude of the current is the same at every point in a series circuit.(with a tip of the hat to Prof. Kirchhoff)

Difference between series and parallel circuits?

In a series circuit all of the current flows through the circuit. It is the same throughout. In a parallel circuit the current is split into the various branches. Check out Kirchhoffs' laws.

Laws and principles governing changes in matter?

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What is the three laws of series circuit?

Voltage is additive Resistance is additive Current is common

What are the laws governing coordination of health insurance benefits?

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How is a series circuit and a parallel circuit like their circuit names?

A series circuit is actually in series, but a parallel circuit, is Parallel

What were the governing and laws of British in Australia 16nth century?

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Are fluorescent lights on a parallel circuit or a series circuit?

series circuit

What are the three laws governing chemical reactions?

The laws governing chemical reactions are laws of nature that are pertinent to chemistry. Three laws governing chemical reactions are the law of conservation of mass, the law of definite composition and the law of multiple proportions.

What is a seiries circuit?

Series CircuitWe say Resistances are in series if the same current flows through all Resistances. A circuit containing of only series resistances is called a series circuit. A series circuit is a circuit that has the same intensity of current flow through its elements.

Where are series circuits in a computer?

A series circuit is a way of connection components of an electrical circuit. A circuit that is made up solely of components connected in a series is known as a series circuit.

What is a series curcuit?

Series circuit is a circuit consisting of components connected in series .In series circuit, same current flows through the components.

How do you use series circuit in a sentence?

This project will require a parallel circuit, not a series circuit.

In series circuit why current drop beceause according to kichroff law cuurent remain same in series circuit?

In a series circuit current does stay the same thoughout the circuit, voltage drops in the series circuit.

Why current flow in series?

Because the circuit is a series circuit.

What is series circuit in a sentence?

John constructed a basic series circuit in physics class. The current in a series circuit goes through every component in the circuit.

Series circuit is a circuit that has only one path for volage flow?

No, that is a paralel circuit. a series circuit has two paths

What is a complex circuit?

A 'complex circuit' is a category of electric circuit that encompasses any circuit that is not just a series circuit, a parallel circuit, or a series-parallel circuit. An example of a complex circuit is a bridge circuit.As you can see, such circuits are not necessarily complicated themselves; its just that they cannot be analyzed using only ohm's law and the power formula, but instead require more complicated methods like Theveninization, Kirchhoff's laws, etc. to be analyzed correctly.

Does a battery operated toy have a parallel circuit?

Yes, a battery operated toy has a parallel circuit - the battery is in parallel with the toy. In fact, this is true for any system where there is a single equivalent source and a single equivalent load. While it is true that this is also a series circuit, by Kirchoff's current and voltage laws a simple series circuit is also a simple parallel circuit.

How are resistance combined in a series circuit?

Resistances are additive in a series circuit.

What is the name of a series circuit?

They are usually just called that - "series circuit".

How is an parallel circuit different from a series circuit?

a parralel circuit is different from a series circuit because if one thing goes out in a parralel circuit nothing else goes out. If something goes out in a series circuit everything goes out

What are laws protecting animal rights?

There aren't laws governing animal rights, there are laws governing animal welfare. This is because animals are not generally seen as being on the same level as humans.

What ia series circuit?

A circuit in which elements are connected in series.For example in RLC series circuit resistor,inductor and capacitor are connected in series.

What happens if there is a break in a series circuit?

The series circuit becomes an open circuit because there is no remaining path.