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These rides are kid-tested and kid-approved, although some of them might be boring for youngsters:

In the Land, Living with the Land and the Circle of Life Theater are not scary at all. Innoventions features interactive activities for kids of all ages. Journey Into Imagination is light-hearted although the final "blast" may be surprising. The Seas with Nemo and Friends is geared to children and features characters from the popular Pixar film.

All of the shows and attractions at the World Showcase are fine, except the Maelstrom in Norway may be a bit intense. Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico, Reflections of China in China, the Germany Showcase, The Italian Showcase, The American Adventure, the Japan Showcase, the Morocco Showcase, Impressions de France in France, the United Kingdom showcase and O Canada! at the Canadian Showcase are all fine. Be aware that everyone has to stand at O Canada! And strollers are not allowed, so it may not be suitable for all small children. Small children may find any and all of these boring.

But unless they are scared of fireworks, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth is by FAR the Best Fireworks show I've EVER seen. WithlLasers, dancing fountains, lights, and all around the lake - pretty much - there are some groups of trees that MIGHT be in your way if you are in some parts of China and Morocco. If you are the type of person who wants the best seat, even if it takes half an hour, time can go pretty slow.

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Q: What are the least frightening rides for small children at Walt Disney Worlds Epcot Center?
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