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You decide that. All you have to do is define them before you start. The dominant gene is denoted by a capital letter, the recessive one by a lower case letter. It is better to pick a letter which has different forms for the capital and lower case letters (like A and a; not S and s).

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How are dominant and recessive alleles are represented in a punnett square?

the dominant alleles are represented by uppercase letters and the recessive in lowercase letters.

What do the letters inside each punnett square stand for?

The letters in a Punnett square represent the alleles that may be inherited from each parent. Capital letters represent dominant alleles. Lower-case letters represent recessive alleles.

How do you record dominant and recessive alleles?

You record dominant alleles with capital letters and recessives with lower case letters.

Which alleles is the recessive alleles?

recessive alleles are the ones with small letters, for example in Rr, the recessive is the r.

How are alleles represented on paper?

By letters.

A genetics tool that uses letters to represent dominant and recessive alleles?

A punnet square uses letters to represent dominant and recessive alleles.

Dominant alleles are symbolized by?

uppercase letters

Recessive alleles are symbolized by?

Lowercase letters.

How are dominant alleles shown?

capital letters

How are dominant and recessive alleles represented in a Punnet square?

Dominant alleles are shown by a capital letter and recessive alleles are lowercase letters.

What letters represent the recessive allele?

Recessive alleles are represented by lowercase letters

What letters are given in genetics to represent the dominate allele?

capital letters, such as PP equals two dominant alleles, pp equals two recessive alleles.

What letters are used to represent recessive alleles?

Most of the time a recessive allele is expressed using lower case letters in comparision to the upper case dominant alleles.

What do the letters outside of a punnet square represent?

The alleles of the parents. The two letters on each side are the two alleles of one parent. Dr. Claire DNA Diva

An allele that is not expressed in the heterozygous condition is?

If it's not a heterozygous, the alleles would either be two capital letters (TT) or two lowercase letters (tt). This is because the organism has either both two dominant alleles or two recessive alleles.

What are the letters for homozygous dominant heterozygous and homozygous recessive?

homozygous dominant means two alleles that are the same that are capital letters, heterozygous recessive means that to alleles are different BUT the same letters in lower case. (alleles for gender) EX: TT, Tt is homozygous dominant tt, tt is heterozgous recessive

What is the symbols used to sidnify dominant alleles?

capital letters

Do Geneticists use letters to represent the alleles of organisms?


What does the letters on the inside of the punnet square stand for?

Child's alleles

What are the letters for heterozygous?

Actually, there aren't specific letters. The letters depend on the alleles. For example, if the alleles are A and a, then Aa would be heterozygous, since hetero means different. Homozygous, however, would be two of the same alleles, since homo means same. The homozygous would be AA or AA in this example. hope this helped!

What do the letters on the outside of the punnet square stand for?

They stand for the parents alleles

When a plant has two dominant alleles for tall stems its alleles are written as what?

(T,T) if t is the letter used for that allele capital letters are used for dominant alleles and lowercase is for recessive.

What do the letters outside the punnett square stand for a gene?

The letters on the outside of the Punnett square stand for the alleles of each parent. One parent's alleles are written across the top of the square, and the other parent's alleles are written along the left side of the square. The pairs of alleles inside the square represent all the possible genotypes for their offspring.

What represented by a pair of lowercase letters in a Punnett square?

Lower case letters in a Punnett square represent recessive alleles.

Geneticists use letters to represent the alleles of organisms true or false?