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As a college bound senior I would say that one of the biggest limitations of college is the belief that a college or university is the only way a person can find their calling in life or a solid job. You can study billions of things you have no interest in and say you went to college, but if you walk out with no desire to pursue any of those fields or an idea of what you want to do for a living, then college or that particular college probably wasn't a good idea.

I'm saying this because kids often feel boxed into this standard of a four year college when their heart is somewhere else. If you want to be a chef, a carpenter or something that applies to a hobby, college would not work for you, but a specialty school for your trade might. There are so many successful people that chose not to go to college, but to further a specific interest, that live much more fulfilling, content lives than those who went to college to study law (or some generic major) with no intention or drive to apply it in the future.

While colleges are good for some types of careers and some people, other careers and people need other types of schools or no school at all, but on-the-job training. While college has been viewed as the total answer, it just simply isn't.

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Q: What are the limitations of college?
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