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What are the limitations of computer?

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The only thing that limits a computer is the components inside of it. Home computers are limited to minor things like heavy video encoding, but if you tell it to calculate the first billion digits of pi then it will freeze. Computers are limitless, the more you add to it the more the limits evaporate. Computers like the Blue Gene project, that can model things you can't even begin to imagine.

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What are the limitations of computer machines?

The limitations of computer machines vary from the quality and the memory space you have on the computer machine we are discussing.

What are 3 limitations of a computer?

Three limitations of a computer include that it can only do what it is programmed to do and do not think for themselves. Other limitations are that they are not intelligent and they are unquestioning.

Main limitations of computer?

One of the limitations of a computer is that they have to be programmed by human beings to function. The other limitation is that the computer cannot think by itself.

What are the capabilities and limititions of a computer?

what are the capabilities and limitations of a computer...

What is the computer limitations?

Depends on the internal components of your computer.

What are the advantages and limitations of computer?

the computer can outperform human beings in speed, memory and accuracy but still the computers has limitations

What are the limitations of the computers?

the limitations are only a programmer's imagination and computer talent.

What are tha limitations of a computer?


What are the limitations of fifth generation of computer?

its ugly

List of computer limitations and capabilities?

This will depend on the computer programming that you have. Basically you can do anything on a computer if you have the right programming.

What are the limitations in computer?

Certain Computers have certain limitations. You can check your hard drive information to find this information out.

What are the limitations of embedded computer system?

speed limitation

What are the 4 limitations of a computer?

Probably computers will not have any limitations in times to come. When the singularity is reached, who knows what will happen?

What r the limitations of computer in different fields of life?


What is the limitations of computer?

wa naman yes oo syempre why not??

What are the 3 limitations of computer?

Cannot thnk, float, or love.

Give 5 limitations of computer?

A computer will always have limitations. Here are five limitations: it will only do what you tell it too, it will not generate information alone, if you enter wrong data then you will receive wrong data, they can't fix wrong instructions, and hardware will always fail and need to be replaced.

Why are the limitations of computer?

Cannot think like a human. In fact, computer do have limit storage while human has infinite storage of information.

Being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations means?

computer literate

What are Limitations of computer programming?

There are none! The computer programming industry is a rapidly growing industry with high demand for employees and a wide variety of jobs.

What are the limitations of network?

Assuming you're asking about a computer network, some of the limitations include being dependent on a main file server, the growth of the network depends on the size of your budget, and viruses can something spread rapidly from one computer to others on the network.

What are the limitations of physical models?

i think the limitations are u can see computer modls but u cant feel them and phyiscal models u can touch and an idea model u think of

What computer can do and can not do?

Simply put, it does exactly what it's told to do under the limitations of it's own hardware.

Only computer can connect to another computer in a network. yes or no?

No, this is not true at all. In a network, an almost unlimited number of computers can connect to another computer. The only limitations are the speed of the network connections, the speed of the computer, and the network architecture.

Compare benefits and limitations of direct and indirect channels for computer manfacturers?

it is a method of transfering a data to another idea