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Exercise can help you extend your living years. It can help your circulatory system, and reduce the amount of fat buildup in your blood. It can also help your brain refresh its memory. exercise
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Q: What are the long-term affects of exercise on the body?
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What are the longterm affects of male homosexualty on the body for someone that has had gay sex for 50 years or longer?

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Does exercise affects the intelligence capacity of a college student?

Yes it effects our whole body a lot

How does exercise affect physical health?

exercise affects your physical health by making your body healthy. It improves your fittness, which reduces your chanceof a lifestyle disease.

How does poor diet and lack of exercise effect the body?

it affects it in many ways. one of these is u get fat!

The longterm effect of exercise on the respiratory system?

Your breathing rate increases and you have to breath in more quickly or more deeply.

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Alcohol can cause several liver diseases.

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how cant u say about how the regular exercise affects breathing and lung?

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Exercise effects the breathing rate by, the more you exercise the more your breathing rate will increase because your body needs for oxygen will be higher so you breathe faster to feed these needs.

Effects of exercise on your body?

You know that regular exercise can help you lose weight, but a regular workout regimen actually does a lot more than just help you shed unwanted pounds. Exercise can have a major effect on your physical, emotional and mental health. In fact, exercise affects almost every part of your body.

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