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Exercise can help you extend your living years. It can help your circulatory system, and reduce the amount of fat buildup in your blood. It can also help your brain refresh its memory. exercise
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Q: What are the long-term affects of exercise on the body?
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what is the longterm affects of endplate sclerosis

What are the longterm and shorterm effects of poor of exercise?


What are the longterm affects of male homosexualty on the body for someone that has had gay sex for 50 years or longer?

There are no long term effects. Myths about damage to the rectum have all been disproven.

Does exercise affects the intelligence capacity of a college student?

Yes it effects our whole body a lot

How does exercise affect physical health?

exercise affects your physical health by making your body healthy. It improves your fittness, which reduces your chanceof a lifestyle disease.

How does poor diet and lack of exercise effect the body?

it affects it in many ways. one of these is u get fat!

The longterm effect of exercise on the respiratory system?

Your breathing rate increases and you have to breath in more quickly or more deeply.

How does regular exercise affects breathing and lung capacity?

how cant u say about how the regular exercise affects breathing and lung?

How does alcohol affect the body longterm?

Alcohol can cause several liver diseases.

How does exercise affects the breathing rate?

Exercise effects the breathing rate by, the more you exercise the more your breathing rate will increase because your body needs for oxygen will be higher so you breathe faster to feed these needs.

Effects of exercise on your body?

You know that regular exercise can help you lose weight, but a regular workout regimen actually does a lot more than just help you shed unwanted pounds. Exercise can have a major effect on your physical, emotional and mental health. In fact, exercise affects almost every part of your body.

What affects the heart's rate?


How Does Budget Affect Nutritional and exercise choices?

Exercise affects nutrtion because

How camping affects the environment?

it doesn't affects you and you are doing exercise because your walking to your camping

How does exercise affect aging?

Aging naturally affects a variety of processes in the human body. Exercise has many positive benefits that prevent or slow the age-related deterioration of brain, nerve, and muscle functions.

How does soccer affect people's lives?

It affects people's lives by cerating a sense of passion , enthusiasm and also a good exercise to the mind, body and soul.

Why is exercise endocrinology important to appreciate and learn?

Hormone balance affects your exercise outcomes immensely.

How does the body cool during exercise?

as you exercise, your body releases sweats and these cool your body

Which part of your body need exercise?

the body that needs exercise are the muscles in our body and our bones

What is the longterm effects of steroids?

The effects of steroids: Long lasting effects can ravage the body and heighten the chances of getting different health problems.

How does osteoarthritis affect the body?

Osteoarthritis affects the joints of the body leading to first pain and in some cases if left untreated disability's that could affect other functions in the body as a result of inability to exercise muscles etc,

What happens to body temperature after exercise?

body temperature increases after exercise

How do exercise trampolines work your body?

Utilizing a trampoline will exercise your entire body. It will strengthen your body as well. You can do an entire exercise routine while on the device.

How sports affects the body?

Sports in general are great exercise and help keep the body and mind healthy. However, as a result of some high impact sports muscles and joints can ware and become sore or injured. As long as you are taking care of your body and eating the right foods sports are a great form of exercise to keep you in shape.

How these affected the results of your investment exercise?

There are many things that affect the results of your investment exercise. Demand is one thing that affects the results of an investment exercise.