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The lowest hourly rates are usually earned by waiters and waitresses. These are among only a few jobs where employers can legally pay less than the minimum wage. I believe the current minimum for wait staff is about $2.50 per hour. Of course, a good waiter can bring home more than $100 per day in tips. The jobs with the lowest total salary would be those earning the minimum wage -- currently about $5.25 per hour. This includes a variety of positions, including busperson, janitor, some security guards and other unskilled labor. yeah , and it also depend on your area or state , like the pay rate in ct is different from FL , for exemple me and a friend had our first job from the same compagny but diff state , they started me with 8.50 /h and she was getting 5.25 ,, cuz Fl is cheaper than CT ,, so I ll conclude by saying that cashiers , CNAs, housekeepers , clerks , have the lowest salary ( 10.000 to 25.000/year)

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Q: What are the lowest paying jobs?
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