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The difference between a Ford RS Turbo and a Ford XR2i is that the Ford RS Turbo is a performance model based on the Mk 3 Ford Fiesta and the Ford XR2i is a sports model that was released in 1989. There are many ways a person can go about purchasing these vehicles such as a local used car retailer or through an online retailer.


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early xr2i's with external EDIS can swap ecus with no problem later spec xr2i's have internal EDIS and external pats, you cant swap an early ecu with a later ecu, you cant swap a pats ecu with a non pats ecu (pats is the Ford Passive Anti Theft System)

As far as I'm aware the early XR2i 1800 ecu does not use PATS so when you place the xr2i ecu onto the Si loom the wires which would have controlled the injectors are now connected to the wires which goto the external pats unit, in order to get the vehicle to start up, you need to get a wiring diagram and swap the pins/wires around on the loom that plugs into the ecu to get the injectors to fire you would also have to disconnect the external pats unit, i had this trouble when i put an Xr2i ecu onto my loom, the fiesta Si uses External pats, if you pull out the little tray or air bag unit on the passenger side you should be able to see a bundle of brown wires apparently it is possible to earth a few of these wires and move a few around to by pass pats you can probably run your 1800 engine using your original si ECU it will underfuel at high revs, but you can combat this with an FSE Powerboost valve/fuel regulator and a supership or powerchip or unichip

Passenger foot well behind the kick plates poke your finger in the press the button back down

OK. What type? Small engine? Large engine? New? Old? Ford Fiesta's are great cars. Young drivers - 1 litre engine, cheap to insure, tax etc. Older drivers - 1.4 or 1.6 Si Fast drivers - rs turbo, rs1800 or 1.6 or 1.8 xr2i The parts are cheap but fords do rust quite badly. cvh engines can develop noisy tappets. If you are talking about the Brand new fiesta's then pay the extra money for the ghia, st etc. It might not be what you are looking for ie if it's just a run around town type but when you come to sell it or exchange it. You will get alot more money back than if you had a basic model. Hope this helps.

I can't answer the headlight question but I do know that the Turbo didn't have a grill on the front but the LX did. The differences between the two are as follows: Turbo has adjustable/selectable suspension, LX no. Turbo has 16" wheels, LX no. Turbo has a 4 cylinder engine, LX mostly had V8s.

Yes all zx3 ford foucus are turbo charged

Turbo = 1 turbo, Twin Turbo = 2 turbos

The 6.9 engine in the Ford trucks was an International/Navistar diesel, and was never built with a turbo. The 7.3 Was introduced with a turbo in the early 90's.

how mani hpwr i get wen put turbo in my zx2

if you have the exhaust manifold, oil lines, etc. from the 89 GT then yes.

It does not because the body is light so the engine does not support a turbo system

Firing order on a ford escort\fiesta rs turbo is 1342

blow by through the turbo ,my truck did the same thing had to get the turbo rebuilt

The 1995 Ford Probe, either the GT or the 4 cylinder DID NOT COME with a Turbo.

Where is numb two glow plug on a 2006 ford 6.0 f250 v8 turbo?

Pictures of the Ford 2.4 liter Turbo diesel engine, can be obtained from most local libraries. Pictures of the diesel engine can also be found at most Ford dealerships.

No, the first tubro-diesel pickup that Ford released (in the F series) was in 1995. you could get a turbo powered diesel from ford as early as 93. in 94 international began butting them on at the factory.

There's no physical difference between a Porsche Turbo and a Porsche Turbo S beside the ECU tuning. Many of the options you would pay for on the non "S" version are standard on the Turbo "S"

not possible unless you replace the computer from a non turbo ford like yours and possibly the head. turbo engines are built for the extra boost of a turbo and must also supply more fuel thus the computer swap.

The 2013 Ford Focus ST uses a 2.0 L turbo that was designed for sustained, high-output performance. It is a factory-overclocked turbocharger.

Turbo is a nickname for the proper turbocharger. Turbocharged simply means it's equipped with a turbocharger or turbo for short.

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