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Sometimes when I'm asked to describe the Buddhist teachings, I say this:

(1) Everything is connected;

(2) Nothing lasts;

(3) You are not alone.

These first three are really just a restatement of the traditional Three

Marks of Existence: non-self, impermanence, and suffering. The fact

that we all suffer means we are all in the same boat, and that's what

allows us to feel compassion.

(4) Life is full of suffering

(5) Suffering exists because of our desires and aversions.

(6) There is a state of mind in which suffering ends (enlightenment).

(7) There is a path to attain this state; That path is called the Eight Fold Path.

Items 4 - 7 are the Four Noble Truths.

(8) Bodichitta (Loving- Kindness / Compassion) is the first step to

enlightenment (and to solving the world's problems)

(9) The 5 Precepts concisely describe a moral life

The 5 precepts are: (1) not to take the life of any sentient being, (2) not

to take anything not freely given, (3) to abstain from sexual

misconduct and sensual overindulgence, to (4) refrain from untrue

speech, and (5) to avoid intoxication, that is, losing mindfulness.

(10) Mindfulness of thoughts and actions are the key to wisdom and therefore

to the path of enlightenment.

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the main priciple of buddism is their religion and there respect for one another.

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the main princibles of Buddhism was Buddha.

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Budha founder of BuddhismIf you're referring to Buddhism then it is the Buddah :)

What is the main fetival for Buddhism?

The main festival or holiday in Buddhism is Vesak. (It has various spellings in different countries.)

What are the main feature of Buddhism religion?

the main features of Buddhism are the middle way, Siddhattha Gotama, Anicca, Anatta and Dukkha

What are the guiding principals of Buddhism?

Non - harming of other human beings, compassion, wisdom, and the goal of Transcendence of all worldly limitations.

What is the main religon in China?

Buddhism is the main religion in China.

The main religion of Vietnam?

The main religion is Buddhism and Islam

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Countries that have Buddhism as the main religion still today is: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

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Yes, Theravada Buddhism is the main religion but it is shortly followed by Hinduism, Christianity and Islam

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No African countries practice Buddhism as their main religion.

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Buddhism is the main religion aside from the other little ones - Buddhism is 95%, Islam is 3%, and Other 2%.

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