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What are the main things a woman should do to make a guy who is interested in her feel closer to her?



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ok well first of all, you should let him know a little bit about yourself you know he will be able to know you more and tell him things that you like and dislike. Give h im hints that you want to get closer to him and make him feel special and what ever he has to say listen to him and understand no matter what. Feeling closer: Would mean you would want to spend more time"with"? So stop "with" all the chatter. We really do get tired of hearing you all of the time. What is wrong with quiet / Nonverbal, Non-noun, Non-adjetive, Non-adverb, just quiet, Try it once! Nonverbal primordial Body langague. Done right it speaks volumes, and no words are needed. {It is primal (first in time;original,first in importance,chief) Is this what you seek?} To be first on his list, most important to him,ect. Hold him very tight, and he will "feel" all of your "main" charms up "close" and personal