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ok well first of all, you should let him know a little bit about yourself you know he will be able to know you more and tell him things that you like and dislike. Give h im hints that you want to get closer to him and make him feel special and what ever he has to say listen to him and understand no matter what. Feeling closer: Would mean you would want to spend more time"with"? So stop "with" all the chatter. We really do get tired of hearing you all of the time. What is wrong with quiet / Nonverbal, Non-noun, Non-adjetive, Non-adverb, just quiet, Try it once! Nonverbal primordial Body langague. Done right it speaks volumes, and no words are needed. {It is primal (first in time;original,first in importance,chief) Is this what you seek?} To be first on his list, most important to him,ect. Hold him very tight, and he will "feel" all of your "main" charms up "close" and personal

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How do you get a 'woman'?

To get a woman, you should be confident and respectful. You should also make an effort to talk to any woman you are interested in.

Why does a man gift a woman his religion's books?

Maybe he thinks she is (or should be) interested in his religion.

What are the examples of gender identity?

Gender identity just means you think and feel like a man and/or like a woman. Examples tend to be irrelevant here. A typical woman believes and feels that she is a woman and is interested in things that typical women are. A typical man believes and feels that he is a man and is interested in things that typical men are. Transsexual women, despite being born wrongly with male parts, believes and feels that she is a woman and is interested in the things that typical women are. Transsexual men, despite being born wrongly with female parts, believes and feels that he is a man and is interested in the things that typical men are. Transgendered persons may think and feel that they are a third sex, non-gendered, predominantly masculine, predominantly feminine or whatever, and they would be interested in whatever things that people who feel like they do would be interested in.

How should a black man show a white woman he is interested in her?

The same you would with a black woman, I'm sure she'll get the hint ;]

Should i tell him about yourself?

A woman should tell him about their self if they are interested in him. Telling him this information could be the start of the two of you dating.

After 4 dates how should you tell the woman that you are not interested anymore?

say it if u actually hate her....

Should men still do things for women?

guys should do things for girls, but girls should do things for guys too but men always want more than wat a woman would want from a man so there for a man should do more for a woman instead of being gay or not wanting a other woman

What actors and actresses appeared in Things You Should Know About a Woman - 2009?

The cast of Things You Should Know About a Woman - 2009 includes: Parker Shipp as Parker

What does it mean if a guy asks a female he is interested in and has been flirting with questions such as if and how she move her hips when she dances or what her height is?

three things guys should never ask a woman her height her weight her age

What is the meaning if a woman say ' I am not interested?

if a women answers that she is not interested, she clearly is not interested, dont take it as a joke or a flirt or you may come to resent it. there are ways to impress a woman but if she is not interested dont bother.

How do you tell if a woman is bi and interested in you?

It is not different then a straight woman is interested they show flirtation towards you. they can be very permissculous though

How do you know if a woman does love you and want to be with you?

ask her some questions about sertain things and get her started with being interested in you, when the time comes ask her if she would be with you.

How do you conquest a woman?

Women are not things to be conquested. They should be won by showing love and empathy. If a man wants to make a woman love him, he needs to do things she enjoys and be kind to her.

How do you tell when married woman is interested in married man?

When she is married to the same man that is interested in her....

Is a woman interested if she keeps poking on Facebook?

It could mean she's interested ..... hehehe.......

What do you call a woman who dates both men and woman?

A woman who is interested in men and other woman romantically/sexually is bisexual.

How do you keep a woman interested?

heh heh...

What should a 21-year-old man do if a 37-year-old woman is interested in him?


How does it feel to love a woman?

It should be one of the most wonderful things a man can experience.

How can you tell if a man is interested in a woman?

special caring :)

What are signs a woman is interested?

She keeps asking you out. :P

How can you tell if a woman is interested in you?

If she ask for dates. And if she is found of you.

What are you call a person interested in the welfare of a woman?

A feminist

How do you know if an older woman is interested in you?

If an older woman was interested in you, she would likely approach you and tell you or give you definite signs you would know such as very strong flirting.

Is cologne for men or woman?

Cologne is for men and Perfume is for women.

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