What are the main waterfalls in the world?


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horseshoe falls, Niagara falls, angel falls, venenzuela falls

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The main waterfall is at Blue Nile Falls.

No, its not, Venezuela is home to the largest waterfall in the world, Angel falls. NY does not have any major waterfalls at all.

thigs like waterfalls not many waterfalls native people masive bolders some of the bigest in the world

No, They don't they are classified waterfalls by their features.

waterfalls meanders and v shaped valleys are the three main landforms pf upper teesdale

Venezuela has five waterfalls higher than 300 feet, including the highest in the world, Angel Falls, which is 3,212 feet tall.

Yes, there are waterfalls in Australia.

yes Mozambique has waterfalls. :)

There are a bunch of waterfalls in TN

the tallest waterfall in the world is Niagara falls. i think its in nigeria im not sure

The Iguazu waterfallscountry : Argentina - Brazil

the world famous water falls are the Niagara falls...

The Iguazu Falls are are the largest waterfalls system in the world.

According to the World Waterfall Database, Washington state has the most named or surveyed waterfalls at around 3,000. Second is Oregon with around 1,500, and third is California with about 1,000.

Five different waterfalls make up Victoria falls horseshoe falls, rainbow falls, devil cataract, main falls and eastern cataract

many waterfalls are in Canada

No, there are few waterfalls in Missouri.

waterfalls is just a attraction, it has no use.

I think it is 45,000,000,000 waterfalls

The waterfalls on the Nile are called cataracts.

There are waterfalls in most rivers.

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