What are the major video game making companies?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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EA Sports EA sports EA sports Nintendo Sega Sony microsoft

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Q: What are the major video game making companies?
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Who is the top person in the video game design career field?

There is no top person as there are many different jobs to design a video game. There are major companies though.

Who are the major video game development companies and what is their best-selling video are?

Microsoft - Xbox 360 Sony - Ps3 Nintendo - Wii =( You can look up game sales.

What companies will hire young game testers?

There are many companies that might be wiling to hire young games testers since they are their prime consumers. For example, the major video game companies such as EA games.

What are 5 major video game companies?

EA (Electronic Arts), Activision, Eidos Interactive, GameLoft, Konami.....

Are they making a ben10 ultimate alien video game?

they are making a video game called cosmic destruction.

When a company is making a video game what do they need?

A company that is making a video game would need a knowledgeable programmer, a computer, and an idea for a fun game.

When a company is making a video game what do they need-?

A company needs to have employees that have video game programming knowledge to make a video game.

Is making your own video game free?

No because it is illegal to make your own video game unless you work for (game stop ,or a video game company)

Are they making a boondocks video game?


Is there insurance offered to video game testers?

There are several companies that employ video game testers. Some of the companies do offer insurance for the testers since they are full time employees.

Where can one purchase the video game Secret of Mana?

There are many websites and companies that can offer the video game Secret of Mana. Some of these websites and companies are GameStop, Walmart and Amazon.

Does computer technology play a part in making a video game if so how?

Yes, You need a computer mostly for making the avatars and characters for the video game.