What are the measurements for an A4 size paper?

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8.3 Inches x 11.7 Inches
ADDED: If you wonder why that odd-looking size, it is because the ISO A-series is actually metric, but even then it is not in simple numbers of tens of millimetres, but is based on halvings from the largest (A0 - number 0, not capital 'O') whose area is 1 square metre but of length : width ratio = the square-root of 2!
That's ISO for you.....
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Why does Europe use A4 size paper and the US uses a different size?

The simple answer is that A4 is a metric paper size and used in countries that have adopted the metric system. A4 paper is used not only in Europe, but in fact is used in all countries with the exception of the US and by proximity Canada and Mexico. It is possible, however, to buy A4 paper in the ( Full Answer )

How thick is A4 paper?

A typical sheet of A4 paper is 0.05 mm thick. The weight of atypical sheet of A4 paper is 5 grams.

What is A4 paper?

A4 is the standard size of paper used for computer printouts and other uses. A4 paper is 210 × 297 mm. It has an area of 1/16 square metres. It is one of a series of paper sizes starting with A0, which has an area of 1 square metre. Another Answer The advantage of using A-series of pa ( Full Answer )

Which is thicker A4 130gsm paper or A4 80gsm paper?

The unit 'gsm' stands for 'grams per square meter', which means that a 130 gsm paper is heavier than an 80 gsm paper. Whether the 130 gsm is thicker depends on the type of paper. However, 130 gsm of the same paper stock would obviously be thicker.

How big is a4 paper?

A4 paper is 8 1/2 by 11 inches- standard size paper. Or, I believe, 21 by 30 cm in metric measurements.

What is the size of A4 paper?

A4 paper is 210 × 297 mm. It has an area of 1/16 square metres. It is one of a series of paper sizes starting with A0, which has an area of 1 square metre.

What is A4 paper made of?

A4 paper is made of a tree called the paper bark tree, the paper is actually made out of the bark from the tree, that's where its name came from. :)

Area of a4 paper?

It is 62,370 mm 2 . ==== The first respondent is correct. But here is a little more information... Notice how the area of A4 paper is approximately 1/16 of a square meter (62,500 mm 2 ), or just under that amount. This is no coincidence. Take the number 4 in "A4" paper and that is the power ( Full Answer )

What size is A4 paper?

\n . \n210 × 297 mm. A4 is the standard size for most countries, excluding the US, Canada and a few others. . A4 is one of a series of paper sizes, starting with A0. A0 has an area of 1 m². If you fold A0 into two you get A1, and so on. . All sizes in the A-series have the same ratio of len ( Full Answer )

How much does a a4 paper weigh?

Depends on its rating ( grams / square metre) So > A4 sheet = 0.21 * 0.297 = 0.06237 square meters So > 0.06237 * rating = weight > Typical office paper rating = 80 grams / square metre So > 0.06237 * 80 = 4.98969 grams

How big is a sheet of A4 paper?

A4 is a regular size piece of paper (at least in Europe that is) and measures 21 cm by 29.7 cm.

What is the A4 paper size?

A4 paper is 210 × 297 mm. It has an area of 1/16 mm². It is one of a series of paper sizes starting with A0, which has an area of 1 square metre. A4 paper is the standard size for computer printers.

What are the measurements for A4?

\nIf you are looking at the A4 paper portrait on the sides it would be 29.7cm and the top and bottom are 21.0cm.

What is the perimeter of a piece of A4 paper?

A piece of A4 paper measures 297 millimetres in length and 210 millimetres in width. This means a total perimeter of (297 + 210) x 2 = 1014 millimetres.

What size in inches is width of A4 size paper?

The width of a sheet of A4 paper is 210 millimetres. There are 25.4 millimetres in one inch. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 210 millimetres is equal to 210/25.4 = 8.27 inches.

How do you make a a4 size paper out of a boat?

Smash the boat into a billion tiny pieces, grind it into a pulp andpress it flat until it dries. Cut the edges to size: 210mm x 297mm. Seems like an extravagent way to get paper though!

How long is an A4 sheet of paper?

An A4 sheet measures 210 x 297 mm. An A4 sheet of paper is the more common business and school size paper in most of the world, including Europe, whereas the 8½ x 11 inch sheet of paper is the more common business size in the USA. A4 is a little taller and narrower than a US 8½ by 11 inch s ( Full Answer )

What is the size of A4 paper in cm?

210 x 297mm those how are looking for the answer in cm you can not do it in cm ***unless you be scientific you will be able to work it out ** it will something like 21 x 29.35 . ADDED: It won't be "something like", though your mm to cmconversion is not quite correct. 210 x 297mm = 21.0 x 29.7cm, a ( Full Answer )

How do you photocopy a of a4 paper to a a3 of paper?

A4 paper is exactly half the size of A3, and they both have the same aspect ratio. So A4 --> A3 is an enlargement. Most photocopiers use A4 as standard. You need a larger photocopier to copy onto A3. The photocopier will usually offer A4 --> A3 as an option.

Where can you buy A4 spirit paper?

A4 Hectograph Spirit paper is available in tattoo supply houses. Itis the most common paper used for tattoo transfers to skin.

What happens if you stick A4 size sheet on a pinhole camera instead of butter paper or tissue paper?

It depends what density of A4 paper you were using. At above 60 gsm you would see not very much. However at 60 gsm A4paper is getting thin enough (like tissue paper) to be slightlytransparent and so allow an image possibly to be seen. Tissue paperis used as it is thin enough to be transparent enough ( Full Answer )

What does the size A4 mean when describing paper size?

It's a paper size, the most used in Europe and pretty much the rest of the world, except for Canada, The US and Mexico in those three countries the use the letter size paper which is almsot the same size as A4.

What does the 4 in A4 paper size stand for?

The International Standard for paper sizes defines A0 as a sheet of paper that has an area of 1 metre 2 and whose length is sqrt(2) times its width. So A0 is approx 841mm*1.189mm. A1 is the size of an A0 sheet folded in half lengthwise: 595mm * 841mm A2 is the size of an A1 sheet folded in half l ( Full Answer )

Where do you configure a printer for use with A4-size paper rather than Letter?

When viewing the printer page, right click your default printer (the one you will print from) and click properties. I can't remember exactly what Tab will then give you this list but one of them will give you a list of things such as trays you can use, what tray uses what default paper and the color ( Full Answer )

What is the size of an a4 sheet of paper?

A4 is approximately 297 mm by 210mm and has an area of exactly 1/16 sq m = 0.0625 sq m = 625 sq cm . The A series of paper is based on the fact that they all have the same ratio of width to length. Also for the next size up: 1) its width is half the previous size's length; 2) its length is th ( Full Answer )

Does Australia use a4 paper size?

No, Australia is one of the few countries in the world that use A3 as their standard format size. Even if it does, A3 and A4 are all part of the A series paper sizes defined by ISO 216.

What is the measurement of inch inch for a4?

If you're talking about the dimensions of an A4 sheet of paper. In metric it's 210mm x 297mm. In imperial it's approximately 8.27 x 11.69 inches.

What size is larger than A4 paper?

An A3 Size Paper is bigger than A4. A3 is matter of factly the double of an A4, A2 is the double of an A3 and A1 is the double of an A2 sheet of paper.

Does Canada use A4 paper?

No, they use American sizes. Letter (8 1/2" x 11") and Legal (8 1/2" x 14")

Why is a4 paper called a4?

Hi i was looking for the same thing as well! and i have found an appropriate and less complicated answer:The International Standards Organisation has prescribed three series, A, B, and C, each with ten different sizes (from zero to ten), as the standard sizes for paper sheets. The size with the larg ( Full Answer )

What is the area of a A4 sheet of paper?

The A series of paper is such that each numbered size of paper has exactly half the area of the previous size. ie A1 is 1/2 the area of A0, A2 is half the area of A1, and so on. Also, A0 has an area of exactly 1 sq m. Thus A1 has an area of 1/2 that of A0, A2 has an area of (1/2)^2 = 1/4 of A0, An ( Full Answer )

What are the dimensions for the A4 paper size?

Although unaware that there were different references such as A4 for paper size this paper is measured 11.7 inches by 8.3 inches. The metric dimensions are 297 x 290 millimeters.

What are the dimensions of a4 photo paper?

The dimensions of a4 photo paper are 8.3 by 11.7. This paper is used primarily as photo paper. This is a unique size of paper as most standard paper is 8 by 11.

How can one measure paper size?

One can measure paper size using a few different measurement systems. The main determination for the measuring of paper size is inches and millimeters. The organization for international standards has also set the paper size at such measurement specifics as the A series and C series.

What are the measurements for A4 paper size?

The measurements of a size A4 paper are 11.7 x 8.3 inches or 297 x 210 millimeters. It is just a little bigger than the standard letter size of paper.