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What are the measures taken to prevent adulteration?


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  • first of all food should be tested and then consumed.
  • government should stop working of company that take part in adulteration.

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In order to prevent it from happening, extreme measures were taken.

The measures taken to prevent ozone depletion are:Plant more treesReduce use of CFC containing products like deodorants, spray cans etc.

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The measures to be taken include prevention of use of CFc's. they can cause ozone to deplete.

The four basic types of food adulteration are milk adulteration, grain adulteration, adulteration of oil and fats, and other adulteration.

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Some measures taken to prevent air pollution are the regulating of businesses that dispel chemicals into the air. Some states also require automobiles to pass an air exhaust test called a smog test. Manufacturers of chemical sprays are also regulated to prevent air pollution.

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Measures taken to prevent hypertension and reduce cholesterol and atherosclerosis will also help prevent cerebral vascular insufficiency.

Scientists as a group do not take measures to prevent global warming other than those taken by individuals.

Unless you are allergic to them, no. If they have poisonous venom then yes. But certain measures can be taken to prevent death.

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Various measures are taken. Montreal Protocol was established for it.

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