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Well i would say the best are McGill, University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario and Queens University.

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Q: What are the medical schools in Canada?
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How much schools are there in Canada?

49,029,079,0095,133 Schools in Canada.

Which medical schools do not require the SAT?

All of them, medical schools require the MCAT.

How many medical schools are there in the U S?

how many medical schools are there in the u.s?

Where can I search for and find information on medical billing online schools?

You can find medical billing schools near you if you look in the yellow pages under "schools." There you will find all the schools that cater to your medical schools needs.

How many medical schools are in the us?

167 medical schools in the Us up to 2012

Are there any Caribbean medical schools in the US?

To my knowledge, there are no Caribbean medical schools in the US. However, there are American medical schools in the Caribbean. Perhaps this might be an acceptable option for you.

What schools are there in Canada?

best type of schools

What are good schools to become a doctor?

Medical schools.

Where can one find a list of Caribbean medical schools?

There are many websites that provide a list of medical schools in the Caribbean. Wikipedia provides a list of all the medical schools located in the Caribbean.

What or who motivated or encouraged Charles Richard Drew?

Charles Drew attended Medical School at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, which led him to other schools and made him more experienced in the medical field.

When was Medical Council of Canada created?

Medical Council of Canada was created in 1912.

are there any scholarships for medical schools?

You can view for all information about scholarships for medical schools

Are the public schools in canada owned by private individuals?

No, public schools in Canada are not owned by private individuals.

How many residential schools were there in Canada?

88 in Canada

Which medical schools have a high job placement rate in interventional cardiology?

Medical schools do not have "job placement rates." Medical schools do not students in interventional cardiology. Medical schools train students to become physicians, a process that is continued through internship and residency programs. Interventional cardiology is a specialty. All medical specialties are in demand.

How many schools ing Canada use uniforms?

about 56 schools in Canada use uniforms or have them for there students this is because they are mainly privet or prep schools

How many schools in Canada use laptops?

365 schools

How much do medical schools cost per year?

Medical schools range greatly in price. Most schools tuition starts at $15,000 and goes up.

Where can I find information on medical schools in the Caribbean?

St. George's University - SGU Caribbean Medical School, Caribbean ... St. George's University Caribbean Medical Schools and Caribbean Veterinary Schools with extensive medical, veterinary and graduate studies programs ... Caribbean Medical Schools Advantages and risks of Caribbean Medical Schools. American University of the Caribbean | Caribbean Medical School Fully accredited, exceptional medical program. Established in 1978. Expert faculty. St. Maarten Medical Campus. Clinical rotations in the US and UK.

Where can you find a list of accredited medical schools?

Try the AAMC website. "The AAMC represents the 125 accredited M.D.-granting U.S. medical schools and the 17 accredited Canadian medical schools." Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. American Medical Association - Medical School resources.

What are the education of Canada?

Canada has normal Elementary, Middle and Secondary schools as well as 'Traditional' and religious schools. There are also Trade and Vocational schools and many Universities.

What is the average cost one pays for medical coverage in Canada?

Medical coverage is free in Canada

What is the best medical schools for a interventional cardiologist?

Some of the best medical schools for a interventional cardiologist are Yale School of Medicine.

Philippine schools that offer bs medical technology?

The Philipppines has the best BS medical technology schools. You can choose from 2000 to 3000 very good schools for BSMT.