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Q: What are the men in the black and white shirts called in football?
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Why are the referee or linesmen in American football known as zebras?

Probably because of the black and white shirts they wear.

What is the ratio of white shirts to black shirts Rocco has 5 white shirts and 10 black shirts.?

I don uckingf know and this thing isnt giving me the answer

What shirts will England football team wear at world cup 2010?

England usually play in white shirts and black shorts as first choice, but their second color is red shirts and shorts as well.

What is true about black and white shirts in the summer?

Black shirts absorb more and reflect less radiation.

Can you get black stain out of white shirts?

I have black stains under my underarm of my white shirts how can i get them out ? I have bleached them a few times and the stains are still there. Thanks

What are the people in France called that wear black and white striped shirts with red scarfs called?

mimes or artists lol

Do white t-shirts attract more heat than black t-shirts?

no white reflects the sun and black attracts sunlight (feel bad for softball and baseball teams that have black shirts huh?)

What colour is the Switzerland football kit?

Red shirts with white shorts.

What actors and actresses appeared in White Shirts with Black Writing - 2007?

The cast of White Shirts with Black Writing - 2007 includes: Justin Redfern as Topher

Why does people sweat in black shirts but not in white shirts?

well, beacause black shirts soak up all of the colors and it sucks up heat. So, people tend to sweat more in black shirts. and that doesnt mean that people dont sweat in white shirts to, it matters how your body is. hope this helps :)

How did people dress in colonial NC?

Black and white clothes they wore black socks white shirts and black coats black shoes.

Why is a football black and white?

Coz it is

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