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What are the methods to identify types of motherboards?


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if i want to buy a computer how i can identify its peripherals.

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There are four types of motherboards, which is the main circuit board of a computer. There are XT motherboards, AT motherboards, baby AT motherboards, and ATX motherboards.

The latest motherboards will generally take DDR3 memory,but older types use various types that are no longer at the cutting edge.

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Types of MotherboardsA mother board's primary purpose is to house the CPU and allow all devices to communicate with it and with each other. The two most popular motherboards are the Older AT, and the newer ATX. There are also:ATATXMini-ATXMicro-ATXLPXNLXBTX

Yes, motherboards are types of hardware devices.

The most popular types of motherboards in use today include the Baby AT, ATX, and Micro ATX format motherboards. There are also numerous proprietary motherboards created by large computer manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, and Compaq sold every year which do not conform to any industry standard format.

There are too many types of motherboards, you must be more specific. MTX and mini ATX

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The four most popular motherboards types on the market today include ATX, Micro ATX, Baby AT, and proprietary boards. Proprietary motherboards are created by large PC manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, and Compaq, and are sold as part of their PCs.

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