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What are the metric prefixes in the SI system?

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yotta- (Y-) 1024 1 septillion

zetta- (Z-) 1021 1 sextillion

exa- (E-) 1018 1 quintillion

peta- (P-) 1015 1 quadrillion

tera- (T-) 1012 1 trillion

giga- (G-) 109 1 billion

mega- (M-) 106 1 million

kilo- (k-) 103 1 thousand

hecto- (h-) 102 1 hundred

deca- (da-) 10 1 ten

deci- (d-) 10-1 1 tenth

centi- (c-) 10-2 1 hundredth

milli- (m-) 10-3 1 thousandth

micro- (µ-) 10-6 1 millionth

nano- (n-) 10-9 1 billionth

pico- (p-) 10-12 1 trillionth

femto- (f-) 10-15 1 quadrillionth

atto- (a-) 10-18 1 quintillionth

zepto- (z-) 10-21 1 sextillionth

yocto- (y-) 10-24 1 septillionth

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Becauseuse SI units are based on metric system and uses the seven SI base units

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In 1960 the metric system was revised to create the SI system. In SI the base unit of mass is the kilogram, to avoid confusion with earlier versions of the metric system the prefixes are still applied to grams.

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No. The SI system is a metric system, but the metric system isn't SI.

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For the SI, or Metric, system, You would use the Meter, along with the standard metric prefixes. For the English system, you would use the Inch, Foot, Yard, Or Mile.

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SI prefixes are also known as metric prefixes, and they indicate a multiple of a fraction of a unit. The SI prefix for billion is giga.

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