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some states 50-125 most states 150-200

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What are the minimum CC that require a motorcycle license in New York?

I believe that the smallest motorcycle is at least 250cc's.

Does a 90cc motorcycle require a motorcycle license?

Not just a license but a license for all types of vehicles.

Does Tennessee require a motorcycle licence to drive a motorcycle?

Yes they do.

What states don't require a motorcycle license?


What is the difference between a motorcycle and moped license?

In Michigan, a motorcycle license is an add on to a drivers license and a moped doesn't require a license. Could vary by state.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a scooter?

No, you do not need to have your motorcycle license in order to drive a scooter. For states will only require you to have your driver's permit.

Can you get motorcycle insrance without a license?

No, Insurance companies require the rider to be 'road legal' and that includes the need for a valid license for the motorcycle to be insured.

Will I need a motorcycle license to drive a 110cc super mini bike in Virginia?

Yes, you will need a motorcycle only license or motorcycle endorsement on your regular license. Virginia does not require a motorcycle license or endorsement for a scooter or moped. A scooter or moped is defined as having an engine less than 50cc's and your is larger than that.

Do you need a front license plate in the state of Tennessee?

Thirty-one states currently require their motorists to display license plates on both the front and back of their vehicles. Tennessee is one of the nineteen states that does not require a front license plate.

What state does not require a medical license for laser tattoo removal?


Does a motorcycle require a different license?

Yes, motorcycles do require a different license. You can get your license when you turn 16 and then you must take a class afterwards. You can find classes locally usually. To find the laws in your state, you can consult the state DMV or Department of Public Safety. Some states require an endorsement on your driver's license that verifies you have met the requirements for operating a motorcycle.

Are there any requirements to ride a motorcycle?

In all states, the person operating the motorcycle must have a motorcycle license, which is separate from a regular driver's license. Some states also require all passengers to wear a motorcycle helmet at all times while riding.

Does a 250cc motorcycle require a license to ride on the road?

In the state of Nebraska and I think most states are similar, the break point in engine size is 45-50cc. anything larger has to have a motorcycle license.

Do you need a license to 49cc scooter?

scooters In most states, a 49cc scooter is considered a moped and does not require a regular drivers license or motorcycle license. There may be a moped permit required. In Colorado, 49cc scooters require a drivers license.

When do you actually need motorcycle insurance when you ride with a permit or just when you get a license?

It depends on what state you live in. Some states don't ever require motorcycle insurance. Most states that require insurance require it just to register the vehicle.

Can you ride a 49cc in Brooklyn ny?

Yes, that can be driven with a regular drivers license. Anything above that size engine will require a motorcycle license.

What is the size restriction for a motorcycle license in Alabama?

The State of Alabama has no distinction between scooters, mopeds or motorcycles. They all require a license to drive.

Do you need a license to ride scooters in pa?

Yes. If it is 50cc or less a regular automobile license is all you need. Larger motor sizes require a motorcycle license.

Do you have to get a motorcycle license for 49cc scooter in Kansas?

Probably. To NOT have to have a motorcycle license, the bike must be 3.5 or less horsepower, have a max speed of 30 mph or less, and be fully automatic. If it does not meet any one of these stipulations, you must have a motorcycle license. Most new scooters with only 49cc engines do require a license because they exceed these specifications.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a 150 cc scooter in Florida?

Yes, anything over 50cc and up requires a motorcycle endorsed license in Florida. Mopeds and motorcycles under 50cc require no special endorsement, and auto license is suitable.

What are the minimum cc that require a motorcyclye license in Delaware?

In all states it is 49 cc

Do you need a motorcycle endorsement to ride a trike in Michigan?

A motor trike of over 150cc is considered a motorcycle in most states and requires registration and licensing. All 50 States and the District of Columbia require motorcyclists to obtain a motorcycle operator license or endorsement before they ride on public highways. The goal of licensing is to ensure that motorcyclists have the minimum knowledge and skills needed to operate a motorcycle safely.

What is the minimum amount of mirrors on a motorcycle?

Most states require 1 mirror mounted on the driver's left side

What are minimum cc that require a motorcycle license in Colorado?

i think its 50 cc or more, you would do perfectly fine with a 300 or 450, just you cant ride smaller cc bikes as fast or as long cause it will blow your engine

Does Tennessee require to have a license to own a gun?

There is no licencing in Tennessee to own a firearm. You will, however, be required to show some form of ID when you purchase one.