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The most energy rich colors of light are those with the shortest wavelength - violet or blue

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Q: What are the most energy rich wavelengths of light?
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What is the production of energy rich sugar molecules using light energy called?


How do chloroplastids differ from chromoplastids?

Chloroplastids are meant to capture solar energy for photosynthesis whereas chromoplastids provide various types of pigmentation to the plant parts radiating energy rich wavelengths of sunlight.

What energy-rich compounds do the light reactions produce?


The cellular process where autotrophs take in light energy and carbon dioxide and make carbon rich food which consumers eat?

The cellular process by which autotrophs take in light energy and carbon dioxide and make carbon rich food for consumers is known as photosynthesis. Most organisms also produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis.

The use of light energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into energy-rich glucose molecules are called what?


How does the process of photosynthesis impact the flow of energy and the cycling of nutrients?

It captures light energy and uses it to power chemical reactions that convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and energy-rich carbohydrates such as sugars and starches.

What energy sources utilize during the light independent or dark reaction of phoosynthesis?

From energy rich compound like ATP and NADPH

Are fats in food a rich source of energy?

Yes fats are the most calorific energy source.

The most used substance for producing the energy-rich ATP?


What is the difference between light and dark photosynthesise?

The light is used for photolysis of water and converting the radiant energy into chemical energy. These energy rich compounds during dark reaction assimilate carbon from carbon dioxide to form carbohydrates.

What is the signification of ATP and NADPH?

Both are energy rich compounds generated during light reaction of photosynthesis and help in transfer of energy to synthesize the carbohydrates.

Why dark reaction indirectly depend upon light?

Because energy rich compounds needed in dark reaction are produced during light reactions.