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there famous for their ice hotels.hope that helped!

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Q: What are the most famous places in Switzerland?
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Most famous leaders of Switzerland?

who were the most famous rulers of switzerland

What is a famous place in Switzerland?

Zurich is the largest and most well known city in Switzerland and has many "famous" aspects to it.

Most famous cheese in Switzerland?

There are many famous cheeses made in Switzerland: Emmental Gruyere, etc. etc.

What is the symbol for Switzerland?

Switzerland's most famous symbol is its flag. It has a white cross in a field of red.

Who is the most famous athlete in Switzerland?

Tennis is Switzerland's saving grace when it comes to world sports. The most famous male athlete is undoubtedly Roger Federer. The most famous female athlete is probably Martina Hingis.

Who is the most famous person in Switzerland?

ofcourse roger federer

What are the most famous Greek places?

Some of the most famous places in Greece are Corfu, Santorini, Rhodes and Zante.

What are the famous places of Chile?

In Chile one of the most famous places is Easter Island.

What are the locations and items that Switzerland is famous for?

Switzerland is famous for chocolate and watches Geneva and Zürich are very famous metropolitan cities in Switzerland

How many cities does Switzerland have?

Switzerland has 133 places in all of Switzerland!

What is switerzerland's most famous mountain called?

Switzerland's most famous mountain is 'Matterhorn' It rises 4478 metres above sea level, but it is not the highest mountain in Switzerland. Hope thi helps :D

What is the mountain in the alps on the border of Switzerland and Italy?

There are many mountains on the border of Switzerland and Italy. The most famous is probably the Matterhorn.

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