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What are the most frightening rides for small children at Epcot?

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2009-10-17 16:11:19

The following rides are only for tots that are brave of


  • Mission Space (44" height requirement)
  • Test Track (40" height requirement)
  • Soarin' (40" height requirement)
  • Honey I Shrunk the Audience

These rides have intimidating entrances, loud noises or other

aspects that may be slightly scary:

  • Spaceship Earth has an entrance that may frighten a few


  • Universe of Energy - the dinosaur segment
  • Journey into your imagination - loud noises and flashing lights

    that startle some

  • Maelstrom - trolls and a small backwards drop

Remember that you never HAVE to ride anything. If your child

gets cold feet at the last minute, just tell the cast member you've

changed your mind, and they will show you an inconspicuous exit. If

your child becomes frightened once you're on the ride, that's more

problematic. Covering their face with their hands might help, or

you can use a jacket or poncho. Talk to them calmly until the ride

is over, to distract them. Once you get outside there's a good

chance they'll be dying to ride again!

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