What are the most important gases in the air?


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The most important gases in air are oxygen, nitrogen, argon helium krypton


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Without different gases there will be no air, if there is air, how can oxygen travel?

These gases are nitrogen and oxygen.

There are many reasons why gases are important to us. For example, the air that we breathe is a gas.

Its to help us breathe. If there were no gases, there will be no gas to produce air

Without the different gases there will be no air if there is air how can oxygen travel to usSo people can breth.

oxygen and carbon dioxide are the 2 most important gases for living things

Gases of the atmosphere were attracted by gravity from the space.

The four most common gases in dry air are argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen.

Important gases in the atmosphere mainly are nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

78% of the air is made of nitrogen an 21% is oxygen and 1% is other gases

We breathe in all gases present in the air. The two most abundant constituents of air are nitrogen and oxygen.

The three most important gases for life... I would say: oxygen, carbon dioxide and the last one, hydrogen

The most common gases in air are:Nitrogen 78%Oxygen 21%Argon 1%Carbon dioxide 300 ppmNeon 18 ppm

Gases in air are nitrogen about 79%, oxygen about 20% and other gases 1%

Air is a mixture of several gases, most notably nitrogen, oxygen, and some trace gases (eg, argon).

The two most abundant gases in the air we breath is Nitrogen which comprises about 78.09% and oxygen which takes up 20.95%.

When you inhale, you take in oxygen as well as other gases found in air. It is the oxygen, though, that is most important for body processes.

There is no formula for air because it is a mixture of gases and not a pure substance. The two most abundant gases are nitrogen at 78% and oxygen at 21%.

No, carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas, not nitrogen.

Gases used are helium, hot air (normal air for children balloons) or hydrogen. The safest is helium but also is the most expensive.

The four most abundant gases in air are nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), argon (0.9%), and carbon dioxide (0.03%).

who discovered the different gases in the air and when

What gases cause air pollution

There are many gases in the atmosphere. a few of them are nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. nitrogen is mixed into the air the most.

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