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According to Parenting Magazine, black, green and yellow are popular for this fall, in addition to the traditional blue and pink.

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Q: What are the most popular colors for toddler clothes this season?
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Babies and toddlers need lots of clothes, but they grow so quickly that it seems a shame to spend a lot on their clothing. Fear not, parents! There’s lots of ways to find cheap baby and toddler clothes. Here’s how you can dress your baby or toddler for less… Shop Consignment Shops, Thrift Shops, and eBay Consignment shops, thrift shops, and eBay are fantastic sources for cheap, gently used (or sometimes even brand new) baby and toddler clothes. High-end, designer name baby and toddler clothes can often be purchased for a fraction of their original price through these sources for baby and toddler clothes. Buy Baby and Toddler Clothes at End of Season Clearance Sales New baby and toddler clothes can often be purchased for as much as 75% off the original ticketed price at end of season clearance sales. Shop ahead and put the clothing away for when you’ll need it. You’ll need to estimate how big your baby or toddler will be when he or she needs the clothing – this isn’t usually too difficult (tip: go for the larger size if you’re not sure). Keep the tags on the clothes – if you end up not being able to use a particular item (it won’t happen often), many stores will allow an exchange for merchandise credit. Alternatively, any item that you can’t use can be given as a gift. Always Accept Hand-Me-Downs Free baby and toddler clothes are even better than cheap baby and toddler clothes! Always accept hand-me-down offers from friends and family. Once you turn down an offer, there’s a high likelihood that person won’t offer again. Sort through the hand-me-down baby and toddler clothes as soon as you receive them. Keep the clothing that you’ll use; donate the clothing that you can’t use to a worthy cause or pass it along to someone you know that can use it. Participate In a Kids Clothing Swap Kids clothing swaps are another source for free baby and toddler clothes. Often organized by community mom’s groups or church groups, the basic premise of kids clothing swaps is that you bring gently used clothes that you no longer need and swap for clothes brought by someone else that you can use. Brand new moms with no clothing to swap yet get a “free pass”. Not a member of a group that hosts a clothing swap? Organize your own!

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