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What are the most raerest animals now?


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white lions are one of the raerest animals


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most animals have recovered but some species have long-lasting diseases

Most animals molt because they have grown. Molting is a shedding of a skin, shell, or horn that is now to small.

Now the Animals Have a Voice was created in 2004.

Wild Animals May be important in Wyoming now, but they are not the most important resource. Many other resources in Wyoming are important as well.

Most animals now days influence pokemon, dogs, cats, bulls, apes, giraffes, hippos, everything!

I love these animals! I am studying them in college now. They hunt for their food. Most will look for rock pools that animals drink from.

Imagine your life with no animals. Soon most animals will be extinct and many are now endangered.

In most countries it is now illegal to use wild animals as part of a circus act.

At the time of the dinosaurs, most large animals were reptiles and the dominant trees were conifers. Today, most large reptiles have been long extinct, and most large animals are mammals. The dominant plants are now flowering plants.

Dinosaurs are the most powerful animals

most animals sleep lying

The Most of Animals was created in 1993.

Most animals get their food from hunting. Most baby animals get their food from their mum.

The term coelenterates is now out of date and has been replaced with two terms Cnidaria and Ctenophora. Animals covered by these terms are jellyfish sponges and coral like animals. So the water is where your most likely to find most of them.

Now don't go by me but an animal _lawyer.if you look it up you will see what I mean.

If a mammal is pregnant, a mammal will give a live birth. Now birds and other animals of that kind, will lay eggs. The only mammal to lay eggs is a platypus.

one animal i know of that is alive today and back then is a shark.The thing is that most dinosaurs resemble animals now a days such as pterodactyls and birds.

Settles came and farms were made. New plants and animals were brought in. Most of the bison were killed. Some animals moved to other areas.

Australia has the most venomous animals.

In the US which state has the most animals living in it?

There is a very simple sequence in which most animals develop. Most animals are born, mature, reproduce, and then die.

krill are a massive part of the food process, MANY MANY animals live of them, most whales live of them, also many birds and penguins and many animals. most of the animals in antarctica would die if it wasn't for these little creatures! due to the global warming, currents in the ocean are changeing and krill are following them, many of the animals that live off tham don't no exactily where they are not, the are getting comfused and this already has a magore affect on the food web! most of the animals that dont live on krill, eat animals that DO live on krill si if there is no krill, we might not have most of the animals we have now! -abbey

The human responsibility towards animals are protecting, proper treatment, and respect. Many animals are now becoming extinct with humans to blame. Humans are now in debt to these animals to conserve the species.

Probably most south and central American frog species unfortunatly, most species are now only kept in captivity and are extinct in the wild.

They most popular house pet would be cat and dog. But the most popular animal at the zoo would be either a loin or elephant.

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