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It's not clear what you mean. Changes between when and when?

In recent years the most significant change in voting procedure is between using punch cards and using electronic voting machines.

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Q: What are the most significant changes in the voting procedures?
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What is the single most significant predictor of a person's partisan voting behavior?

Party Identification

What changes did most eastern states make in voting requirements by the 1830s?

it either was i have no idea sorry

How did democratic changes contribute to Jackson's election in 1828?

elimination of property qualifications for voting in most places.

How did these democratic changes contribute to jacksons elections in 1828?

elimination of property qualifications for voting in most places.

Which of the social changes brought about by the Revolution was the most significant?

The establishment of a democratic party

What is the most accurate description of voting in America is?

Voting in America is the fundamental right and civic duty by which eligible citizens choose their elected officials and participate in decision-making processes. It is generally conducted through various methods, such as in-person voting at polling stations, absentee voting, or mail-in voting. However, the specific rules and procedures vary across states, leading to a diverse voting landscape in the country.

How has our government changed over the years?

The most significant changes in the US Senate since it first came into being are these: (1) direct election of Senators rather than appointment by state legislators; and (2) changes to rules regarding filibustering.

What caused the most important changes in voting patterns in the immediate post-war years?

The Tremendous loss of Male lives.

What did many states add to their voting procedures following the 2000 election?

Several states passed laws that would award all of their electoral votes to the candidate nationally getting the most popular votes.

The differences between a medieval craftsman and a renaissance artist can be summarized as?

The most important significant changes dealt with materials.

What is the most powerful predictor of congressional call voting?

Party Labels is the most powerful predictor in a congressional voting.

How did voting rights change in Europe due to the revolts of of the mid 1800s?

Most countries did not expand voting rights.France and Great Britain expanded voting rights.Only a few countries expanded voting rights.