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For girls, the lower back is a popular spot, for guys, it's mostly arms

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Q: What are the most tattooed parts of the body?
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What parts of your body can you not get tattooed?

you can get tattoos wherever you want...there are none of the parts of the body that a tattoo can damage it

Which person has had the most tattoos on his or her body?

Australian performance artist Lucky Diamond Rich holds the world record for the most tattooed person on the planet. His entire body is tattooed black.

What are the parts of your body that defend you?

your body defends most of your parts of your body

Which animal has the most body parts?

the mighty ant it has the most body parts in the world

How many tattoos does Cynthia martell have?

don't know the number but they cover 96% of her body. The only parts of her not tattooed are the soles of her feet and her palms :)

Can you be wiccan if you have a cross tattooed on your body?

Certainly you can.

What are the parts of the nervous system that are found in all parts of the body?

The most numerous parts of the nervous system that are found in most parts of the body are the nerves.

Who is the worlds most tattooed?

Lucky Diamond Rich, a performance artist as well as a tattoo artist from Australia, and I don't see how his record will ever be trumped. He is tattooed on every square inch of his body.

Lloyd has a picture of which relative tattooed on his body?


Man tattooed on Mike Tyson's body?


Which parts of the body are affected by drinking alcohol?

Alcohol enters most parts of the body.

What does the aerosmith sign on the butt mean?

I think you're talking about the video for "Girls Of Summer". It means nothing, girls like to get artists they like tattooed on their body parts.

Does she still have his initials tattooed on her body?

nope she had sugery and it hurt

How do espada from bleach move up a number if they have their number tattooed on their body?

They likely tattoo their new number but is not shown how they get their new number tattooed.

What parts of body does scurvy affect?

scurvy affects the glands as well as most all parts of the body

What are a tigers internal body parts?

Tigers have for the most part the same body parts as other mammals....

What creature does jana pittman have tattooed on her body?

a bumble bee (on her stomach)

Why is the brain the most important part of the body?

The brain controls the other parts in your body. It simply controls your body parts and is a vital part of the human body

Who is the most tattooed person?

Mrs rusty Skuse

Blood moves from the what to most parts of the body?


What are the most sensitive parts of the male body?


Can you get a tattoo anywhere on your body?

Ofcourse you can get a tattoo in any place of your body you want!i have tattooed my eyes ,eyeliner tattoo!

What are a wasp's major body parts?

As with most insects, the wasp has three major body parts or sections : the head, thorax, and abdomen.

What are the body parts inside a lion?

A lion has most of the same body parts as a human, but its senses, like the hearing or smelling, will be heightened

What can you say about the parts of our body?

All parts of our body are greatly & equally valuable.It is very difficult to say which part is most wanted.