What are the mountains in Cameroon?

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A chain of hills, plateaus and mountains, known as the Cameroon range extends from Mount Cameroon on the coast-Cameroon's highest point at (13,435 ft) almost to Lake Chad at Cameroon's northern border .

Who is the President of Cameroon?

The current President of Cameroon is His Excellency President Paul Biya . He assumed power as head of State of Cameroon on 6th November 1982. It was a peaceful volunteer transition upon the resignation of the then President of Cameroon, His Excellency President Ahmadou Ahidjo. Biya succeeded Pre ( Full Answer )

What is Cameroon?

Answer . A country in west Africa known for its football team the largest cities in Cameroon are Douala, Yaounde, garoua and kousseri .

What borders Cameroon?

Cameroon shares borders with the Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Nigeria.

How big is Cameroon?

Cameroon is around 475,000 squared kilometers. Which is slightly bigger than Sweden but smaller than Spain.

Is Cameroon in Kenya?

No, Cameroon is a country in its own right, situated on the west coast of Africa

What continent is Cameroon on?

Africa. Cameroon is located in west Central Africa. It bordered by Nigeria,Chad, the Central African Republic, the Atlantic Ocean, Gabon,Equatorial Guinea, and the Republic of the Congo. It is sometimesreferred to as "Little Africa" because of its cultural andgeographical diversity.

What is it like in Cameroon?

It is a tropical west African country. (As it was colonized by the French, a significant percentage of citizens speak French.)

What are some physical features of Cameroon?

Cameroon is located in the "bend" of eastern Africa, where the coastline changes from a general east-west orientation to a north-south one. It comprises roughly a tall triangle with the long point in the north, at Lake Chad. I should say "very roughly" because none of its borders are close to being ( Full Answer )

Paying taxes in Cameroon?

Regardless of if you pay the right amount of taxes the cameroonian tax officials are the MOST CORRUPT In the whole thus there will still find a means to over charge your tax rate or come up with fictitious claims that you are under taxed in that that they will want you negotiate directly with them a ( Full Answer )

Are there flights from Cameroon Africa to USA?

Yes there are. Air France, SNL Brussels, KLM, Air Maroc ... just to name a few. You make a stop over in Europe and or Africa.. I hope this is of some help!

What is Cameroon famous for?

We are known for our honesty, integrity and beautifal and welcoming cities. we pride in the beauty of our kindness towards one another and we take it to hearth the offense done to us and inovate on how to become a better and peaceful nation. One season of survivor took place in Gabon.

What are the rivers of Cameroon?

The principle waterways in Cameroon include the Niger, Benue, Sanaga, Nyong, Mbéré and Logone Rivers

What are the animas of Cameroon?

There are many animals in Cameroon.It is almost like being at the zoo.There are lions,tigers,monkeys,elephants,armadillo and much more.

What religion is in Cameroon?

Cameroon people are christian as for course but then again it depends on the persons belief. so the answer is the persons religion could be anything depending on their belief.

What is the size of Cameroon?

According to the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, the area of Cameroon in West Africa is 183,569 sq. miles (475,442 sq. km). For more information on Cameroon at Answers.com, see the Related Link.

What is the topography of Cameroon?

Cameroon has four geographical regions. It is therefore veryaccurate to say that Cameroon has both a mountainous and flattopography.

How do you call Cameroon?

To call Cameroon dial +237 as country code followed by an eight (8)digit call number of your party.

What is the definition of Cameroon?

It's the name of a country (about the size of California) in Africa. It's kind of in the middle of the west coast, just south of Nigeria.

What are the allies of Cameroon?

Cameroon, Africa has Bilateral relationships with: 1) People's Republic of China 2) Equatorial Guinea 3) France 4) Nigeria 5) Russia 6) United States, and 7) Canada Apart from the United Nations, Cameroon is very active in other multilateral organisations or global institutions such as the ( Full Answer )

What are Cameroon cigars?

Cameroon refers to the outer wraper leaf used in the making of some cigars. These leaves come from the Sumatron Black tobacco plant grown in Central Africa.

What is the climate if Cameroon?

The climate varies according to the region. In the south, the dry season runs from November to February, the little rainy season from March to June and the big rains come between August and September. The average temperature is 79°F (26°C). The tropical coastal areas receive a lot of rain that ( Full Answer )

Who discovered Cameroon?

the name comes from the Portuguese. but i believe, my country was founded bye the french,british and also the Germans onced all lived and owned cameroon.

What landforms are in Cameroon?

A wide variety of natural features include beaches, deserts, a range of low mountains, rainforests, and savannas.

What is Cameroon known for?

Cameroon is well known around the world for the fantastic football ability they put put to the world.Not forgetting, Cameroon is also known as the number one Peaceful Nation in Africa.Many thought the Bakasi Peninsula issue could had claimed many lives, but thanks to The Cameroon Head of State and T ( Full Answer )

What the climate at Cameroon?

there are 2 seasons. the rainy and the dry season. the rainy season is wet and warm, while the dry season is dry, windy and cold. farming is usually done in the rainy season. it is a really awesome place.

Is Cameroon hot?

YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, Yes Yes Yes Cameroon is hot. I have been to Cameroon once so i know what i am talking about

Is Cameroon rich?

Yes, Cameroon is one of the leading countries with so much richness still untapped. Cameroon is endowed with so much natural resources such as agricultural landscape, minerals and human capital.

What do they grow in Cameroon?

There are so many different crops that are grown in Cameroon. Someof the popular crops include bananas, coffee, cotton, peanuts,rubber, kernels and so much more.

What animals are in Cameroon?

elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and antelope. Cameroon has three main rivers, the Benue, the Wouri, and the Sanaga.

Is Cameroon poor?

I would say no, Cameroon isn't poor. However there are people whoaren't very well-off as is the case in many countries (developedand "third-world"). One of the main reasons for this "poverty"would be for the President or Dictator Paul Biya. This man has beenin office for almost 39 years. And when co ( Full Answer )

What landmarks are in Cameroon?

Some landmarks in Cameroon are Mt. Cameroon or Lake Nyos, if you want some geographic diversity.

Who was the king of Cameroon?

since the name Cameroon,she have never had a king but actually president Paul biya had declared himself as the king of cameroon

What is the Cameroon currency?

The FCFA is the money of Cameroon Africa. Beac is the central bank to these six central African states, with headquarter in Yaounde, Cameroon. The franc CFA takes parity to the Euro.

How did Cameroon get its name?

The name Cameroon is derived from the Portuguese word, Camarões,meaning shrimp. When Portuguese sailor Fernão do Pó arrived in 1472at the Wouri river in Douala and discovered so many shrimp in theriver, he decided to call it "Rio Dos Camarões" (River of shrimp). The Portuguese nasal vowe ( Full Answer )

Why visit Cameroon?

Okay, lets see. I will give this one a try. Here are my main reasons for everyone to visit Cameroon: It a cheap vacation. As you will see, the most expensive part of the trip will be the flight ticket. Even with the US dollar this low the exchange rates are still very reasonable for a Cameroon vac ( Full Answer )

What are Cameroons main exports?

Cameroon's main exports to Europe are mainly banana, rubber (part processed), cocoa, timber (part processed) and refined oil. Local farmers also produce large amounts of onion, tomatoes, carrots, beans and several other cash crops which are exported to neighbouring countries like Gabon, Congo and Ce ( Full Answer )

What famous people were born in Cameroon?

Manu Dibango is a world renown Cameroon - born musician. His works was even plagiarized by Micheal Jackson, the King of pop. What of Albeit Roger Milla, the worlds best aged striker.

What lakes are in Cameroon?

Lake Nyos and Lake Monoun, Lake Oku, Lake Kuk, Lake Dissoni, Lake Barombi, Lake Njupi, Lake Soden, Lake Wum

How popular is Cameroon?

The popularity of Cameroon can be measured by search queries in google.trends and the popularity in international media by marshallindex.com which is measuring how often the word is mentioned in media.

Who is the president of Cameroon of Cameroon?

The current President of Cameroon is His Excellency President Paul Biya. He assumed power as head of State of Cameroon on 6th November 1982. It was a peaceful volunteer transition upon the resignation of the then President of Cameroon, His Excellency President Ahmadou Ahidjo. Learn more about the ( Full Answer )

Who colonised Cameroon?

The Portugese passed in 1471, the Germans colonised in 1884. The English and French divided the country after the first word war

Who had colonised Cameroon?

The country was first discovered by Portugese (from the European point of view) who didn't colonize it but traded with it. Germany claimed it and it remained German until after WWI, when France and Britain split it.

Why are there refugees in Cameroon?

There are wars in almost every country near Cameroon, particularly in the north. It is natural that poor people look for shelter.

What mountain range is mount Cameroon?

Mount Cameroon is an active volcano in Cameroon near the Gulf of Guinea. The mountain is part of the area of volcanic activity known as the Cameroon Volcanic Line.