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all i know is mach punch and flame wheel and taunt


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It depends on which one is the female. If ponyta is the female, it will be a ponyta with monferno's moves. If monferno is the female, it will be a chimchar with ponyta's moves.

They can be traded for Pokemon to learn certain non-TM moves

The same as in diamond &pearl

Yes he can. For example, he can learn the TM Ice Beam.

You can trade them to the move tutors so that your Pokemon can learn different moves.

Go to and TADAA!! you will see what you were searchin for

Dragonite is a dragon type of Pokemon which is very powerful. It is capable of learning various moves such as dragon rush.

Metagross can learn any steel and psychic moves. Mine knows confusion, psychic, meteor mash, and secret power. My metagross is in Pokemon sapphire, so it can learn different moves in Pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum.

For my Platinum game i started off with Chimchar. He is quite strong and when he evolves to Monferno, he learns fighting moves. I suggest you should evolve Chimchar *If you start with him* before you get to the first Gym. Also, when Monferno evolves into Infernape, its stats are quite strong. I suggest Chimchar for your starter. D:

It could learn flamethrower witch monferno and infernape cantwithout a TM of it.

In the games of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Wynaut only learns the moves of Counter, Mirror Coat, Safeguard and Destiny Bond at Level 15.

if it was Pokemon platinum dialege leans arua sphere at level 92

Arceus does not require an item in order to actually learn Grass-type moves, however it can be given the Meadow Plate in order to boost the power of these moves by turning it into a Grass-type Pokemon.

The best team in pokemon platinum is an Infernape, Staraptor, Luxray [third evolution of Shinx], Floatzel, Bibarel [make it learn all four moves as HMs] and Giratina.

Crush is a field move, exclusive to Pokemon Ranger. You may be looking for Crush Claw(sorry if your not!). A good site to see which moves Pokemon can learn is

go to the old mans house on route 228 he will teach starter Pokemon powerful moves

By using Sunny day, Hail, Rain Dance. Moves that It can learn

Yes, Pokemon of all stages can still learn moves.

If you mean Gardenia, the second gym leader, you should attack with Pokemon such as ponyta and monferno, staravia, ect and use moves like ember, flame wheel, wing attack, ect, basically flying and fire type moves. Alternatively, use Pokemon with poison type moves, however at this point in the game there aren't many.

This might not be correct, but you can go to the move teacher on your way to the resort area. If not, buy the TM at Veilstone and teach it there.

In Pokémon Platinum, Raichu does not learn any further additional moves however the Move Relearner will teach it the Normal-type moves of Tail Whip and Quick Attack as well as the Electric-type attacks of Thundershock and Thunderbolt.

learn them 2 a Pokemon my haunter knows hypnosis and u cud probably learn mean llook 2 a golbat

force palm,aura sphere,sesmic toss (if able to learn) and close combat (if able to learn)

Yes for example if you transfer a Nidoking to diamond, pearl or platinum now its able to learn Earth power!

The moves that Politoed can learn via level up in Pokémon Platinum include ones such as Bounce, Hyper Voice and Swagger however the only level-up moves that the Move Relearner can re-teach Politoed are Bubblebeam, Doubleslap, Hypnosis and Perish Song.

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