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At one time, it was believed that thunderstorms were battles waged by Zeus. Thunderstorms occurred when Jotnar fought with Thor. Later, thunderstorms were thought to have been caused by an angry god.

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What is the main way in which mythological explanations are problematic?

They do not provide testable evidence.

Why did people believe in myths and legends?

The Ancient people did not know about the sciences we do today, so they needed explanations as to why things happened, such as thunderstorms, day and night, war, ect.

What are the names of thunderstorms?

There are no specific names for thunderstorms. They are just thunderstorms.

Is volt mythological?

yes volt mythological

Use mythological in a sentence?

There was a mythological creature in the woods.

Do thunderstorms have hail?

Hail is a product of thunderstorms, but ost thunderstorms to not produce hail.

Does Russia have thunderstorms?

In russia, thunderstorms have you

Why do thunderstorms remains over an area for many hours?

In most cases they don't. In the cases that they do there is usually severe flooding. There are two possible explanations for such a scenario. First, thunderstorms move by the wind. If there is little wind to move the storm, then it will move very little. Another scenario is called storm training, where thunderstorms line up and move over the same area one after another, sometimes merging to form a continuous line of heavy rain.

A storm often created in thunderstorms is a?


What mythological creature really exists?

Mythological means existing only in the imagination so, by definition, no mythological creature really exists.

What are extreme thunderstorms?

Extreme Thunderstorms are thunderstorms with abnormally numerous cloud-to-ground lightning strokes.

How many pages does Mythological Menagerie have?

Mythological Menagerie has 10 pages.

How do you spell explanations?

That is the correct spelling of "explanations".

What is the difference between instructions and explanations?

Explanations are how something are made and explanations are more command like...

How is radar used to track thunderstorms?

Radar is used to track thunderstorms by measuring vibrations caused by the thunderstorms. (:

Is there a greater chance of rain with isolated thunderstorms or with scattered thunderstorms?

There is a greater chance of rain with scattered thunderstorms.

What is the only continent that doesn't have thunderstorms?

There isn't a specific continent with NO thunderstorms, but Antarctica very seldom has thunderstorms.

How are people warned about the thunderstorms?

How are people warned about the thunderstorms?

Where can you see thunderstorms?

Thunderstorms can ocour anywhere in britain

Is there a rating system for thunderstorms?

No. There is no rating system for thunderstorms.

What do thunderstorms have to do with Tornadoes?

Tornadoes need thunderstorms to form.

How are mermaids born?

Since mermaids are mythological beings, then the answer would be a mythological guess.

What part of the Bible is considered to be mythological?

The entire book is a work of mythological fiction.

Do isolated thunderstorms turn into severe thunderstorms?

They can; isolated thunderstorms can produced brief bursts of severe weather, but most do not.

Which weather phenomena is associated with tornadoes and hurricanes?

Thunderstorms. Tornadoes are a product of thunderstorms while a hurricane is composed of thunderstorms.

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