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A= Best

B= Good

C= Average

D= Bad

F= Fail

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B=Above Average


D=Below Average


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  • 9th - freshman
  • 10th - sophomore
  • 11th - junior
  • 12th - senior
The same as the 4 years of undergraduate college.
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Q: What are the names for the grades in High School?
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Should there be grades in high school?

Yeah! there should be grades in high school

What are the years and names of high school?

High School names and years/grades are: 9th grade = Freshman |10th grade = Sophomore |11th grade = Junior |12th grade = Senior (the | is to separate it )

What grades are considered high school in France?

Grades 9-12 are covered in a French High School.

What is Mexico's grade levels?

Like many jurisdictions in the United States, Mexico has primary school, junior high school, and high school. Students go to primary school for grades 1 to 6, junior high for grades 7 to 9, and high school for grades 10 to 12.

What grades do you need to go to Beacon High School?

Where is Beacon High School?

How do russian kids go to school?

Primary school 1 - 4 grades Middle school 5 - 9 grades High school 10 - 11 grades

Do you list grades on high school applications?

I Never Post My Grades On To High school Websites, they aren't private, the website is usually public!

What grades did bill Clinton get in high school?

He basically made use of his grades a *

What grades and classes do you have to have in high school to become a Vet?

Good grades of course

Do colleges look at semester grades or 9 week grades in high school?

Generally, the only grades that show up on your high school transcript are those for the semester. Quarterly grades are however helpful progress reports for the students.

What is a high school transcript?

a list showing your grades, gpa, and the classes you took in high school.

Do you need good grades to get in a good high school?

Depends on high school but mostly yes