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give me 15 Equipments that are used in Agricultural crop production

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kaya ngane nagaaput!

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Q: What are the names of 20 equipments used in crop production?
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How much of the US corn crop is used for ethanol production?

As of 2011, approximately 45% of US corn production is being used for ethanol production.

Which crop belonging to the family euphorbiaceae is widely used for production of bio-diesel?


How do gardeners use greenhouses to control crop production?

Greenhouses are used to provide, as near as possible,the ideal conditions for the crop being grown.

What are the electronic equipments used in multiplexes?

describe various electronic equipments used in multiplexes describe various electronic equipments used in multiplexes

What are some good film production company names that are not being used?

Chalula production

What is the importance of knowing the life cycle in the production of crop?

The importance of knowing the life cycle in the production of crops is that the farmer needs to know when to plant and when to harvest a crop. The growing season differs from one plant to another.

How fertilisershelps in crop production?

Fertilizers (either chemical or organic) help by replacing the nutrients which have been previously taken from the soil. That is one reason a soil analysis is so important, because a great deal of the required fertilizer is going to be used to help break down the residue of the previous crop, while the other pat is going to be used in the production of the new crop.

How did the growth of cash crop agriculture affect Kenya?

Agriculture remains the most important economic activity in Kenya, although less than 8% of the land is used for crop production.

What equipment are used in mining?

There are many equipments that are used for mining. These are crusher equipments, screening equipment, rock crushers and conveying equipments. I found a company which supplies Anaconda and Sandvik equipments. Just visit the website for more information.

What are the equipments used in arnis?


How is corn used today in Mexico and South America?

It is used for three purposes: as a food crop, as a livestock feed and as raw material for bio-ethanol production.

What is economic importance of wheat in Pakistan?

Wheat is the main crop which is used as food of common man in Pakistan. To fulfill basic necessity of food, there is a strong need to retain and even improve the production of this crop.