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Q: What are the names of Mae jemison's family members?
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How are Mae jemisons interest alike to the jemison group inc?

Mae jemisons interest where to become an astronout and the jemisons group was talking about how she was ganna become an austronout thanks for reading :D

What was Mae Jemisons estimated salary?


What is Mae Jemisons's most remarkable accomplishment?


What was Mae jemisons favorite thing to do?


What is the name of Mae jemisons husband?

she did not have one

What was Mae jemisons mission?

to go to space

Who went with Mae jemison to space?

Mae Jemisons team went with her to space.

What was Mae Jemisons mother's name?

Dorothy Green

What is Mae c. jemisons fav food?


What is Mae jemisons fathers name?

Charlie Jemison.

What were Mae C Jemisons character traits?

what are Mae c Jamison's charter traits

Who is Mae Jemisons Spouse?

Mae Jemison's parents are Charlie Jemison and Dorothy Jemison! :0