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Mary had three sisters:

Elizabeth Todd Edwards (1813-1888),

Frances "Fanny" Todd Wallace (1815-1899) and

Ann Todd Smith (1824-1891)

and three brothers:

Levi O. Todd (1817-1865),

Robert P. Todd (1820-1822) and

George Rogers Clark Todd (1825-1900).

Her mother died and her father married again and sired 9 half-siblings of Mary, namely :

Robert S. Todd (1827-died in infancy),

Margaret Todd Kellogg (1828-1904)

Samuel Briggs Todd (1830-1862)

David H. Todd (1832-1871)

Martha Todd White (1833-1868)

Emilie Todd Helm (1836-1930)

Alexander "Aleck" Todd (1839-1863)

Elodie "Dedee" Todd Dawson (1840-death date unknown)

Katherine "Kitty" Todd Herr (1841-1875)

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What was Mary todd lincolns maiden name?

Mary Todd.

Names of Mary Todd Lincolns brothers and sisters?

Mary's siblings are:Elizabeth, Frances Jane, Levi Oldham, Robert Parker, Ann Marie and Geoge Rogers.

What was Mary Todd lincolns name before she got married?

Mary Todd

Who was Lincolns wife?

Mary Todd Lincoln

Who was Abraham lincolns wife?

Mary Todd

What was Abraham Lincolns wife name?

Mary Todd was Abraham Lincolns wife's name

How did Mary todd Lincolns dad die?

mary todd lincon's dad died of turboculosis..... :'(

What was Mary Todd Lincolns religion?

Mary Todd Lincoln was presbyterian. Although she believed in spiritualism

How many siblings did Mary Todd Lincoln have?

Mary Todd Lincoln had 6 siblings - 3 brothers and 3 sisters (The names were : Elizabeth Todd Edwards, Frances Todd Wallace, Levi. O. Todd, Robert P. Todd, Ann Todd Smith, and George Rogers Clark Todd)

What was Mary Todd Lincolns middle name?


Abraham Lincolns wife?

Mary todd Lincoln

What is Lincolns wifes name?

Mary Todd Lincoln

Who was aberham Lincolns wife?

Mary Todd Lincoln

Who was Abe Lincolns wife?

Mary Todd Lincoln

How was Abraham Lincolns mother?

Mary Todd Lincoln.

What is Mary todd lincolns favorite color?

black and white

Is Mary todd lincolns wife dead?

Question not coherent

Who were Mary todd Lincoln's siblings?

Mary Todd Lincoln had 3 sisters

What was Mary todd lincolns favorite color?

pink and green maybe

What was Lincolns wifes name?

Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd.

Who is Abraham Lincolns Wife?

his wife's name is Mary Todd Lincoln.

Did Mary todd Lincoln remarry after Lincolns death?

No. She never remarried.

Is there is relative of Mary todd Lincoln still liviving?

There are probably many descendants of the Todd family, since Mary had numerous siblings and half-siblings. But the last direct descendant of Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln died in 1985.

What did Mary Todd Lincoln have to do with the Civil War?

she was a nurse and shw was abraham lincolns wife

Who is Abraham licoln's wife?

Abraham Lincolns wifes name is Mary Todd Lincoln

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