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The main woodwind instruments are (high to low):

Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Contra-Bassoon.

There are others however, such as all the saxophones and the recorder.

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Which woodwind instruments are usually found in an orchestra?

Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Flute.The woodwind family of instruments includes, from the highest sounding instruments to the lowest, the flute, piccolo, oboe, English horn,clarinet, E-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon and contra-bassoon.These are woodwind instruments that would most likely play in a full orchestra but it can be changed depending on the and availability of players.

Are all woodwind instruments made of wood?

No, with the exception of the flutes, all woodwind instruments have reeds, flutes used to have reeds (similar to oboe reeds) and that is why they are still classed as woodwind.

Do all woodwind instruments have a reed?

No. For example, the flute is a woodwind instrument, but it does not have a reed.

What are the names of the woodwind instruments in a orchestra?

There are flutes, piccolos, clarinets, oboes, bass clarinets, bassoons, and all saxophones. Most school bands only have alto and tenor saxophones, maybe a bari-sax, and rarely a soprano saxophone.

Are the flute the oboe and the clarinet all brass instruments?

They are not brass instruments. They are woodwind instruments.

Do brass instruments all have reeds?

Brass instruments do not have reeds, some woodwind instruments do.

Is a tenor sax a woodwind instrement?

Yes, because they all have reeds, all of the saxes are woodwind instruments

What are the near relations to the main woodwind instruments?

Traditionally woodwind instruments were all made out of wood obviously! Oboes, clarinets, bassoons and cor anglais' are all still made out of wood but other instruments in the 'woodwind' family (flutes, saxophones, piccolos) are now made out of metal so are considered near relations to the 'main' woodwind instruments.

What instrument produces the highest pitch of all woodwind instruments?

The piccolo is the highest pitched instrument in the woodwind section of instruments A+LS= CLARINET!

Why is the saxophone in the woodwind family?

Because the woodwind family includes all instruments that are used with reeds.

What are all the instruments in vivaldi's four seasons?

Instruments played by an orchestra. Ashley Lindholm "Instruments played by an orchestra." Ashley Lindholm

What are the similarities for woodwind and string instruments?

All of these instruments are constructed in wood. This is the only similarity.

Which instruments play in the orchestra?

A normal full orchestra would have all instruments except for saxophone and bass clarinets.

Which instrument is not part of the brass family?

All the instruments that are percussion instruments, string instruments, and woodwind instruments are not part of the brass family.

What vibrates when you blow into a woodwind instrument?

You're reed on you're mouthpiece causes the sound that you hear from all woodwind instruments. =)

What do woodwind and brass have in common?

Both are wind instrument categories - all woodwind and brass instruments are played by blowing air into them.

Are all woodwind instruments made from wood?

no they all have to have a reed to be a wood wind instrument

Is a reed instrument and a woodwind instrument the same thing?

All reed instruments are part of the woodwind instrument family, but there are some other woodwinds also that are not reed instruments - mainly the flute.

What are the 6 instruments in the woodwind family?

The six instruments of the woodwind family are: Doublereeds: The Oboe The Bassoon Single Reeds: The Clarinet The Saxophone no reed at all: the Flute and the least likely member of the woodwind family is The French Horn. The french horn gets into the woodwind family because it is a member of the standard woodwind quartet and woodwind quintet. It is, of course, also a member of the brass family.

How are a marching band and a orchastra different?

Marching band includes strictly brass and woodwind intruments, and march on field, as to orchestra which is made up of all string instruments and play in a sit down concert enviroment.

What woodwind instruments are not in a orchestra?

In a typical classical orchestra, not a wind orchestra, you would not see any saxophones, baritone, tenor, alto or soprano. Today almost all orchestras use saxophones. Composers began including them in the early 20th century. The only woodwinds that are not part of a standard orchestra are ancient ones, like the serpent, the oboe d'amore, the shawm, etc.

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