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Nancy is not chloroformed too much in the original series, she is usually knocked out by a blow to her head or Nancy faints for a variety of reasons. Nancy does get chloroformed, however, in Nancys Mysterious Letter when she is grabbed from behind by a strange girl who hold a chloroform soaked pad over Nancys nose and mouth and Nancy quickly blacks out. In the Nancy Drew files chloroform becomes the favourite way for the bad guys or girls to knock Nancy out

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Q: What are the names of books where Nancy Drew is chloroformed?
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Hardy. Boys. And. Nancy Drew

What is Nancy Drew?

she is a teen detective that solves mysteries! Nancy Drew is the main character of the Nancy Drew mystery stories, Nancy Drew on Campus books, and Nancy Drew Files books.

Is Nancy drew is forbidden for childrens?

Nancy Drew books are children's books.

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They are Fiction books, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are fictional characters.

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The theme song for Nancy Drew is a original song made for Nancy Drew movies and books only.

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No, they are mystery books

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I love Nancy Drew's books, games and movies\show

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The Nancy Drew mystery series was originally created by publisher Edward Stratemeyer's company and written by several ghostwriters under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. The first book was published in 1930.

How old are the Nancy Drew Books?

The first Nancy Drew book was published 80 years ago.

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It's part of the plot of most of the Nancy Drew books.

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'Nancy Drew' is a fictional character. She wasn't an author. She wrote no books.

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