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Created by Edward Stratemeyer, Nancy Drew is a fictional character that appears in several mystery books. The character has been featured in various films, television shows and computer games. She is considered as a cultural icon, influencing many prominent women.

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Nancy Drew

What is the setting in Nancy Drew book forty?

In book 40, The Moonstone Castle Mystery, Nancy is taken to Deep River Valley. She goes to this town to investigate the missing Joanie Horton, granddaughter of Mrs. Horton. Nancy is surprised when she finds out that her case involves her father's, Carson Drew the lawyer, case. She is sent a moonstone for 'good luck" but finds out it was a warning. Deep River Valley used to be named Moonstone Valley because of the once lived in Moonstone Castle. Some say the castle was/ is haunted. To find out more about this fun and exciting novel of the Nancy Drew series read The Moonstone Castle Mystery.

Nancy Drew

Is Nancy Drew science fiction?

NO it's mystery/adventure

Nancy Drew

Who is Dehlia Draycott?

She was a character in the movie, "Nancy Drew". Dehlia died at a coming back party and was found in the pool ''dead''. Nancy Drew found out that Dehlia was pregnant and had a baby called Jane. The movie people made up everything and anything from creating the fake fan web sites to creating her journal!

In the movie, she was killed by a man called Mr. Beidermeyer when she was 29 years old. She was found dead floating in her pool. Mr. Beidermeyer tells Nancy Drew that Dehlia had a baby by her caretaker. Dehlia Draycott went missing while she had the baby and put it up for adoption.

The part of Dehlia Draycott was played by actress, Laura Harring.
The character Jane Brighton, like the Dahlia Draycott character, is fictional. She is portrayed by actress Rachel Leigh Cook, formerly of She's All That and Josie and the Pussy Cats.

Nancy Drew

What car does Nancy Drew drive in the early books?

A blue Roadser

Nancy Drew

What was the name of Nancy Drew's dog?


Nancy Drew

What does Nancy Drew's father do?

He is a lawyer with a private practice in River Heights.

Nancy Drew

Who is Nancy Agram?

Nancy agram is a lebanese singer

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What is the song played at the end of 'Rush Hour 3'?

War by Edwin Starr

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Carolyn Keene

Who is married to carolyn chambers?

Deion Sanders is married to Carolyn Chambers. Answer is Deion Sanders.

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What was the mystery in Nancy drew false notes?

the mystery was that the sharons family kidnapped Leslie Simon to make sure that their daughter Diane wins the music competition but they failed

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What is in Nancy Drew's kit and where can you buy one?

The Nancy Drew sleuth kit is something only included in the 2007 movie (not the books) and is not available for purchase. It included a flashlight, magnifying glass, container of fingerprint powder, iPod with a digital recorder, camera, notebook, fountain pen, lemon bar (made by Hannah), and a device with which to repell down a wall. Some people have apparently made a few imitation kits and posted them for sale on Ebay. For more Information on Nancy Drew Ask this website Nancy Drew Websites. NANCY DREW ROCKS!

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Who is Nancy Palosi?

If you mean Nancy Pelosi - then: Speaker of the House of Representatives

Nancy Drew

What mysteries did Nancy Drew solve?

Well there are so many here are 15 of them: 1.Secret of the old clock, 2. Hidden staircase, 3. Bungalow Mystery, 4. Mystery at Lilac Inn, 5. Secret of Shadow Ranch, 6. Secret of Red Gate Farm, 7. Clue in the diary, 8. Nancy's Mysterious Letter, 9. The sign of the Twisted Candles, 10. Password to Larkspur Lane, 11. Clue of the broken Locket, 12. The Message in the Hollow Oak, 13. Mystery of the Ivory Charm, 14. The Whispering Statue, 15. Haunted Bridge. Those are 15 of them, but there are still many, many more, so read them all!

Nancy Drew

When did Nancy Drew come out on DVD?

The 2007 Nancy Drew movie was released on DVD on March 11, 2008.

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Who played Nancy on Another World?

According to, there were two women who played Nancy McGowan (in episodes from 1984-1987, 1989, and 1993): Danielle Burns and Jane Cameron.

Nancy Drew

Nancy drew the secret of the old clock summary?

This story is about a 18 year old girl who meets the Turner sisters, who are very poor. From asking the Turner sisters a few questions, Nancy learns that a distant relative of them (Mr. Crowley), promised to make sure that he would leave the Turners a good amount of money in his will so that they would no longer suffer. But, Nancy discovers that he actually left all his property to the Tophams- a snobby, ungrateful family who he didn't really like. Now, Nancy is confused and decides to visit other relatives of Mr. Crowley to see if he promised them he would leave them some money. (such relatives are the Hoovers, Abbey, and the Matthews). And, of course, he promised them some too, but didn't give them any. Nancy then decides to go to a camp where the Tophams said that they delivered Mr. Crowleys old clock, and Nancy has a feeling his hidden will might be in there, so she goes to investigate. When she arrives, she meets up with her friend Helen Corning. As she tries to find the hidden will, many obstacles lie ahead of her............ I hope this helped!! :)

Nancy Drew

Who are the main characters in the hidden staircase?

Mr. Drew, Nancy Drew, Hannah Gruen, Police officers, Helen Corning, Mrs Corning, and Aunt Rosemary. Yall should'a been payin' attention to the ding dang dong book

Nancy Drew

Who is the main characters of The Mystery at Lilac Inn?



Mary Mason


John McBride

Maud Potter

Drew Carson

Nancy Drew

What is the genre to Nancy drew's book?

The Nancy Drew books are mysteries.

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Who is the culprit of Nancy Drew The haunted Carousel?

Elliot Chen

Nancy Drew

What is Nancy Drew's Aunt's name?

Eloise Drew

Nancy Drew

What does Nancy Drew's face look like in the PC games?

she has red hair and green eyes and dresses in old fashion and always wheres high heals

if you payattion through out the games it hints it alot

Nancy Drew

How do you escape the shed on fire on Nancy drew ghost dogs of moon lake?

1. Kick the gnome head onto the pedestal

2. Kick the rake to the left

3. Pump the canister of gas on the floor to ignite the rake tip

4. Kick the rake to the right

5. Pump the pedestal up three times

Nancy Drew

How do you contact Henry albert daddle on Nancy drew secret of the scarlet hand?

In the game, call 1-(605)-555-3195.

Nancy Drew

What is the code for the house on avalanche ridge for Nancy Drew the white wolf of icicle creek lodge?

Look at the scrap of paper you found inside the old jacket. The four symbols on the paper are actually the four digits of the code. Each digits simply has its mirror image stuck next to them, so look simply at the left half of each symbol and you will find the code.


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