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What are the names of gangs in Denver Coloardo?


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July 29, 2011 12:15AM

1. North Side Mafia ("NSM", also North Side Barrio 41st Street Locos) North Denver- Sunnyside Neighborhood)

2. Varrio Quinta Loma ("VQL", more often spelled with numeric symbol; "5ta Loma") (North Denver- Highland Neighborhood)

3. Varrio Chicos Trece ("VCT") (North Denver- Sloan Lake Neighborhood)

4. Bella Vista Park ("BVP") (North Denver- Jefferson Park Neighborhood)

5. Inca Street Boys (also West Side 5th Street Inca Boys) (West Denver- Lincoln Park Neighborhood)

6. Varrio Exposition Street ("VES") (Southwest Denver- Westwood Neighborhood)

7. West Wood Hud ("WWH") (Southwest Denver - Westwood neighborhood)

8. 32nd Street Nationals (North Denver- Highland Neighborhood)

9. Los Vagos (North Denver- Sunnyside, Highland Neighborhoods)

10. 35th Street Hit Men (HMP) (North Denver- Highland Neighborhood)

11. 18th Street (of Denver origin) (North Denver- Highland, Jefferson Park Neighborhoods)

12. Oldies 13 (East Denver- Curtis Park Neighborhood and 37th Street)

13. 25th Street Raiders (East Denver- Curtis Park, Five Points Neighborhoods)

14. 18th Street (of S. California origin) (also Los Sedanos 18th Street) (East Denver- East Colfax Avenue corridor)

15. Bloods (East Denver- Montbello, Green Valley Ranch Neighborhoods)

16. Crips (East Denver- Park Hill Neighborhood)

17. Gallant Knights Insane ("GKI", usually call themselves Gangstaz Killing Incas)(Scattered throughout west Denver)

18. Lomas 13 (Denver Origin) (South Denver - Ruby Hill Neighborhood)