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What are the names of some successful real estate entrepreneurs?


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Donald Trump Trammell Crow


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To find some successful real estate agents in Brea, California you can visit breahouses. You could also give craigproctor or coldwellbanker a try. These sites will gives the most successful real estate agent names.

Absolutely. With planning and hard work one can be very successful in Real Estate.

There are several Real Estate agents that sell property in Newbridge Victoria. Several names are Expert Real Estate, Professionals, Bendigo Real Estate and Ray White.

There are many Minneapolis Real Estate agentsSome names of Minneapolis Real Estate agents are Thomas Campbell, Chris Deutsch, Tiffany Terveen, and Tim Ehorn.

I think the key to be successful in real estate is that you should have to make right decisions on the right time. Your eyes and ear should be open and careful regarding market value and rumors.

Real Estate training schools such as Kaplan University and DeVry University can provide this questioner with the kind of education and skills necessary to becoming a successful Real Estate agent.

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The most famous and successful commercial real estate investors are Blackstone. They have offices in New York, London, Chicago, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Mumbai and Shanghai.

well , i want to be a real estate agent, and i know that you have to go to college, no questions, but you can be about twenty five when you become successful if you start after college.

Real Estate without the hyphen or ''-"

"Yes, the Sacramento real estate market is on the rise thanks to the Chief. He risked all of his business to get it back up there into the successful state."

Greg Leakes is a successful real estate agent who was married to NeNe Leakes, from Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Many communities have a real estate school where you can learn the local laws and become accredited. I would ask the most successful real estate person in your town to take you under their wing.

Good ideas in real estate marketing, which also varies to the needs of a real estate agent to ensure the success of his or her real estate marketing business plan. Some people take it online, while some stays with traditional marketing and finds it more successful dealing with clients.

You need to purchase it from the owner, inherit it from the owner or take it from the owner by a successful claim of adverse possession. Real estate can also be purchased from banks that have taken possession of real estate by foreclosure or through different loan programs offered by lenders.

One of the best resources to find a licensed real estate agent is to ask friends and family. Many real estate companies have a national presence. Find out what agents are having successful closings in or around your neighborhood.

Donald Trump became successful by buying and selling real estate in New York and New Jersey.

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Gil08 says that Woodrow Wilson has the most street names named after him. Wilson is incorrect. The top 5 most common presidential street names are: 1. Washington (21.3 per 10,000 real estate listings) 2. Lincoln (13.6 per 10,000 real estate listings) 3. Jefferson (11.4 per 10,000 real estate listings) 4. Jackson (11 per 10,000 real estate listings) 5. Madison (10.8 per 10,000 real estate listings)

Donald Trump's family lineage comes from Germany. He also comes from a long line of real estate entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Your question does not state the country you are in.. but some things are true no matter where you live... Cheap real estate is anyplace most people would not "care" to live. The old adage is, "Location-location-location"! The first 3 rules of successful real estate investment!

You first need to complete a degree in criminal justice, real estate, political science or business then you must pass the LSAT(law equivalent to SATs). If your are successful the next step is to get into Law School choosing courses that focus on real estate.

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