What are the names of the boys aer in janoskians?

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James Yammouni

Beau Brooks

Jai Brooks

Daniel Sahyounie

Luke Brooks

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2013-07-01 19:12:54
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Q: What are the names of the boys aer in janoskians?
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What are janoskians?

A group of five very funny guys that are on YouTube. They have three channels on there; 'Janoskians', 'daresundays' and 'JanoskiansBlog'. The boys' names are Beau, Luke, Jai (pronounced Jay), James and Daniel (nicknamed 'Skip'). Be sure to check out their Facebook pages and YouTube channels!

How many people are in the janoskians?

5 boys: beau, James, daniel (skip), Luke and jai

What are the janoskians names?

Luke Brooks, Beau Brooks, Jai Brooks, James Yammouni and Daniel Sahyounie.

Why are the Janoskians famous?

The Janoskians became famous from their YouTube videos.

Who are the Janoskians?

It is a group of brothers and two friends that call themselves the Janoskians. They are from Australia and they post hilarious YouTube videos. The 3 brothers names are Jai, Luke, and Beau Brooks. Jai and Luke are twins and Beau is the oldest. The other two friends names are Daniel and James.

Who is the janoskians?

The Janoskians, (Janoskians standing for Just.Another.Name.Of.Silly.Kids.In.Another.Nation.Skip) are a group of five boys from Melbourne, Australia who make YouTube videos of their pranks and other challenges. The group consists of three brothers Beau (18), Luke (17) and Jai Brooks (17) (Luke and Jai being twins and James Yammouni (17) and Daniel Sahyoune. (17)

How tall is Daniel form the janoskians?

daniel form the janoskians is 5'6 :)

How tall is James from the janoskians?

james from the janoskians is around 5'10 or 5'11 :)

What is the janoskians phone number?

The Janoskians have an unlisted phone number and they do not give it out to their fans.

Does the janoskians smoke weed?

It is believed that The Janoskians did smoke weed but there is no proof of that. Janoskians stands for just another name of silly kids in another nation.

What are the names of the boys in take that?

What is the names of the boys in take that.

What was the janoskians first video?

The Janoskians' first video was make up to break up.

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